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Thread: Season destroyed already by tankers

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    They should make a counter of how often teams fail to get promoted (and which seasons). As comparison to their price cabinets... Brings some shame to the tactic although they will most likely still get more prices doing it.

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    These teams are beatable you just can't give up, i've eliminated a tanker in Champios League last year on the group fase with a 7-0 on one game, I ended up beeing eliminated but he won super cup and Super league

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astopeleven View Post
    The optimism of the new season has been destroyed already on discovering I have been drawn against a tanker in both the Champions league and the cup. A team with a rating of over 160% who won 3 cups last season but somehow struggled to finish in the top 8 of their league. This can only be done if they completely tanked last season's league.

    This team is destroying the chances of 31 other champions league teams and 63 cup teams by CHEATING.

    Have written to Nordeus but doubt anything will be done!
    I assume this is one of your friends? Otherwise, how can you tell how they performed in the league last season?

    Also just to clarify, if you've been drawn against them in the Champions League it means they finished in the top four in their league last season.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, you never know with this game!

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    I have also claimed it but NORDEUS does not want to fix it. There are teams that only play Cup and associations, teams that annoy those who play in a "normal" way.

    If only the top eight in the league played Cup , would end the problem in a couple of campaigns. They are usually teams that repeat and repeat category year after year.

    But NORDEUS doesn't want to fix it

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    Why do you want this game to be fair ? Is football fair ? No! The richest takes it all and that's it: buy yourself a team in order to compete with the better ones.

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    They are not my friend. They are in the champions league because they won the competition last season and automatically qualify this season. They also won the cup and super cup, yet somehow were not good enough to finish in the top 8, as can be seen by looking at their profile.

    As of the morning of the start of the season they had a rating of over 160% which is the rating they would have at the end of last season. I do not believe any team with that rating could possibly not be good enough to finish in the top 8. Therefore my reasoning is they were deliberately losing last season in order not to lose 20% rating and therefore continue to win cup competitions.

    I agree football is not fair, but deliberately losing to manipulate your league position has nothing to do with fairness, it is cheating.

    I am already seeing them playing
    a weakened team in this year's league compared to their highest quality players they are using in cup competitions, to back up my argument.
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