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Thread: New Servers' TL and Players.

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    New Servers' TL and Players.

    So, it's evident we're at disavantage being effectively top level in our new servers: We have 0 middle aged/aged players or almost 0 popping out with decent quality, and basically we have to rely on either scouts or young generated players to be at least competitive with personal trainers.

    Now, at least for me TL sucks EVERY day. Same for scouts.

    Shouldn't Nordeus push further the auto gen players for new servers? On top of that, couldn't they auto generate so+me middle aged/aged aswell? Not everyone can spend top money on a 18 yo and non token buyer are at heavy disavantage.

    There is too much difference between T buyers and non-buyers, cause the last can't even feast over the T buyers-bones, as none really let a player near 6* or 5,6+ go atm.

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    I agree, it is getting to be a joke!
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    Well, I agree. I was hopping that the TM list would be jacked with server generated players today since it's Saturday, and every Saturday has been a good opportunity to buy some good and descent 5* players. But at the same time and given the fact that neither the scoutlist or the negotiationlist was any good from the 1th day, it doesn't surprise me.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the upcoming scoutlist would be a disappointment as well.

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    Thats why i cal Nordeus "Narnia", unreal and full of shit wishy washy crap, ie, the other team gets a red card on a defender while you are up 1-0 and with 10 minutes left he ties the game and then almost wins it by having 2 more on target shots in final minute of the match, yes, Narnia, a total fake LOL