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Thread: Tekken O.M.A. Tournament

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    Tekken O.M.A. Tournament

    Here I'll post the concept and all stuffs we need.***

    It will be a 99,9% AvQ tournament, 20% min AvQ, No cap in subs, just a substitution can't have more AvQ than the replsced player, trying to emulate the Fighters Combats of the old recreatives.
    We will let managers choose a Character to compete, that will cause damage with different attacks and advantadges associated to the Fighter Character selected.

    We will consideer that each Team, is a character with a Life Bar of 4 points assigned, and each "match" will be a round, so at the 90' the time to fight will be over.
    The player that achieves a KO by consuming first the opponent life bar, or, the one that have more Life at the end of the Match/Round, will win a Point.

    So that's not about win/draw/loss, we will try to have a strategic tournament, where some attacks in particular minutes will cause more damage, etc

    2 Points are needed reach the next stage, allowing, a Draw (1 point per fighter) in case of draw in a round, and a 3rd game in case that both Fighters have the same points (2-2) after the Round 2.

    The 3rd game will need a winner by KO in the 90' and in case that both fighters have the same Life at 90' the ET will count, and in case of keeping the same situation after the 120' the PKs will decide -counted as regular PKs and not as attacks, as the local team would have adv' here- who earns the point.

    I'll add the Characters, that will cause damage by Goal scored by default, and too Damage with some diferent Game events -FKs, corners, - Specific Players scoring, x1'5 or x2 Damage in specific periods of 20' inside the game or even, we could add some different combos causing more damage (like FK goal + St +ST goals = +2D. etc)

    But we will.... do this first tekken edition easy, in Light Tekken mode with less complications to introduce the concept.

    We will have a Regular Staged Tournament, and as the Arcade game, there will be 2 Final Bosses.
    The Tekken Title will be achieved by Defeating the First final Boss, that in the upcomings editions will be represented by the "current Tekken Champion"

    We will declare a manager as Winner of the Tekken Tournament once he wins the regular stages VS Normal Fighters + the 2 Final Bosses.
    Suggestion of reward will be 50T for the Absolute winner, these will be divivded in 35-15 if the contender loses against the 1st boss, or if wins the 1st final boss but gets a defeat against the final boss.

    By winning the 1st Boss a Fighter will be declared as Winner, meaning that he'll become the upcoming final boss and his federation will select the 2nd final boss.
    By winning the 2 final bosses, means that a fighter will be declared Absolute Winner of the O.M.A. Tekken Tournament.

    Once a fighter ends with the opponent Life Bar both teams can set Lower Pressure / Zonal marking to reduce the condition usage + sub players. So its a good idea to be aware of the "fighters attacks and track the life bar progress".

    To complete**

    Tekken O.M.A. Tournament-tekken-oma-ad233.jpg
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