Hello guys, ready for a new season? I am, and I need 2/3 other managers with this mentality and with healty manners (i mean, we don't wanna argue over a game, isn't it?) in order to win every match.
Let's switch to technical infos:

-Our Association is born in 2016, so I'm Experienced in the field, but our level isn't high right now.
-We are indeed in the Silver 2 division.
-Minimum strenght percentage of the squad : 80% (what does this mean? if you're around 80 % (5stars) you could be one of the new members

I'm not focused mainly on the squad strenght, as you can see above, but I need people who are up to stay a whole season with us and trying to grow with us!

(just to let you know, if you are Italian this is the perfect asso for you, since I'm Italian eheh)

So guys, if you are interested in joining us, answer this post and I will contact you via private messages on the forum, I'll check up the site, 2/3 times a day before the associations tournament starts, so be fast!
If I will find all the people I need, I will let you know!
See you and good luck for the season!