Alright, game need to refresh so revolution is needed

first, assoc, did the game even notice top100 assoc? they tanking, not even compete in their league (maybe active for 1 season then off for 5+ season), well im not against that, its their choice its their game but, they waste like 100tokens each season (they still get the bonus token or no? cuz i never tanking), and eliminating people that really play their game, im not jealous but a lil unfair, why they doing that? for fame? seriously fame??? in this game???? i understand if they selling tokens, assoc etc, but fame? really....
fame for beating blablabla normal assoc with super X-Men team?, in other games, peoples will mock you if you doing that stuff. like holding level and beating newb, yes peoples will still talking about you.. in bad way lol
so why not game dev give them some extra penalty? like... "if there only 2 people active at the end of season, point will be deducted by 50%" , yes they will still tanking, but at least will make them "a lil more busy". you earn what you work for!

second, after you reach high level, there less and lesser active player, so why not cycle it? like going back to level 30 for example, but the level indicator will have some star like 30* 30** and so on (why 30? because going back to level 1 will make the game more unfair lol) or maybe dev have some idea?, idea that will make the game more interesting and competitive after you reach highest level?

third, tanking, like i said, im not against it, its their game they can do whatever they want, but why not throw them against same % team? throw them against tanker, against same server,different server or level i dont care, just throw them against them, like assoc, you can compete against different server team right? i know its not that easy, but 160% team finish their season as a bottom team? hm... you cant unsee it

and last, why dont dev set lowest possible skill to 1? so there no minus? it will solving and minimizing upselling thing, cuz you know, have a low rate team sometimes will not solve the problem but only bring another problem.. yes you will face against super X-MEN

thats it, and sorry for my baaad grammar

dev will ignore it, but at least i try hahaha, gracias!