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    [Official] Top Eleven 2021 - LIVE Tomorrow!

    [Official] Top Eleven 2021 - LIVE Tomorrow!-wn-2021-01-19t140847.468.jpg

    Top Eleven 2021 is coming to all platforms TOMORROW! Read all about the special release below!

    Weather Conditions

    Every Manager knows that weather conditions can come into the mix when planning their tactics for the following match. And for the first time ever, Top Eleven 2021 introduces - Weather Conditions.

    In Top Eleven you will have 4 different weather conditions that will impact your Live Match - Ideal, Rainy, Hot, and Cold. Each condition will affect your players in a unique way and it's on you to find the right tactics for every scenario. In ideal weather, your players will be ready to give their best, but a rainy field and extreme temperatures can be challenging. So put a new habit into practice and remember to check the weather ahead of every match!

    Weather conditions will be visible on the brand new Home and Fixtures screen. In the Fixtures screen, you will be able to see the weather for the whole season ahead as the weather is connected to the Top Eleven season day. Remember that when playing matches at Home and Away, different weather conditions might affect you during the same Season day.

    Pitch Patterns

    Top Eleven 2021 comes complete with the ability to collect and show off unique Pitch Patterns. Customize your stadium look and let your opponents know they’re stepping on hallowed ground.

    With the new update, you will have up to 8 new patterns that you will be able to apply to your ground. You will be able to collect more patterns only by completing challenges and Special Sponsor tasks in the seasons to follow.

    To apply the new Pitch Pattern go to your Stadium section from the Ground menu, and find the new Pitch Pattern option. Make sure you upgrade your Stadium to unlock them all.

    Community driven pattern, diamond shapes, stripes or circles? Let us know which one is your favourite.

    The pattern chosen by our community will be gifted to all Managers!

    Home Screen

    And that’s not all! Top Eleven 2021’s home screen will be completely redesigned to show off the stadium where the next match will be taking place. Upgrade your Stadium, customize your turf NOW and let your opponents know who they’re dealing with ahead of kick-off.

    Live Match Intro

    Together with new Top Eleven 2021 music, with our latest release, we’ll be further enhancing that march into battle on the pitch with an all-new introduction to the Live Match.


    In addition to the new features, Top Eleven 2021 brings a completely redesigned Referrals section! A brand new set of rewards and tasks will be available for you and your friends as you connect through our referrals system. Invite your friends to play together by sharing the link or a unique code.

    A special jersey will be waiting in the Club Inventory for everyone that is connected with at least one referral! Play Top Eleven 2021 with your friends!

    Firestarter Event

    A special event to help you Fire up your squad for the TE 2021 matches!

    See you on the Top Eleven 2021 touchline soon!

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    Highly disappointed with the update. This update doesn't deserve to be called as Top Eleven 2021.

    There is almost nothing new in this update. The update in which FC got introduced was much bigger than this.

    No quality of life changes. No steps taken against manipulators.

    1) Represent FC match with other color.
    2) Make improvement in FC
    3) Make it possible to spot FT at higher manager level.
    4) Add a timer in condition gain which shows how much condition we will gain before an official match starts.

    It feels like that decision makers and devs take the loyal fans of the game for granted.

    I have been continuously buying Special Sponsor from last 5, 6 season but as a mark of protest against this stupid update I won't be buying Special Sponsor from next season.
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    1. Weather conditions - it's just condition drainer. Probably tokens or green or whatever too
    2. Pitch patters - visual improvement. Continuation of last year stadium visual improvement. Is it something for the sake of the game?
    3. Home screen + live match intro - as every year + new mourinho face probably
    4. Refferals - some says that they wanted it but for me i just doesn't care about this and i forget that this even exists
    5. New event - again
    Conclusion - i strongly disappointed with this. Nothing new to game tactics, models or player movements. All problems mentioned in the forum not fixed and nowhere near that it is going to be completed.
    They are creating new football simulator - looks like top eleven with real players. What's the point? Does it mean that top eleven not getting enough work because of another 2 games?
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    No Myanmar flag AGAIN!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rememberthegirl2009 View Post
    No Myanmar flag AGAIN!!

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    Moderators have been constantly asking for that, but it looks like it's not on their plans.
    I feel sorry for you, you did everything you could to get that flag added
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    Somebody changed the game engine a day too early. There are no weather conditions yet, but I see players loose 39% (!!!) in a single game. This was impossible before today.

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    So in short: no real changes to the engine or tactical side.

    We do can expect even more troll results with the addition of this new weather conditions variable, before learning on how to mitigate by spending more greens, blues or Ts.

    Very easy decision to stay being a freeloader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavensAAA View Post
    So in short: no real changes to the engine or tactical side.

    We do can expect even more troll results with the addition of this new weather conditions variable, before learning on how to mitigate by spending more greens, blues or Ts.

    Very easy decision to stay being a freeloader.
    It seems like your choice. You can accept the higher condition loss, or you can adjust you tactics to save condition. This may damage the game result (who knows?).

    I guess Nordeus thinks these are tactical changes to the game...
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    Mostly cosmetic changes only. Not any major update. Should have introduced more players attributes. I still don't understand how a team with a 9 star player and the remaining 4 stars able to beat a team with all 7 star players.

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    I do like the weather addition. Might give us a bigger advantage over inactive players who don't adjust their tactics.
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