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Thread: Disgusted of the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flow View Post
    Tankers, here my suggestion its easy to avoid them, just dont make strong team, around 100% is more than enough, after that its all about luck, sometimes you escape tankers but you know how this game works? easy doesnt means always easy

    By doing this, you often end up with one or more teams of managers who have manipulated. But here's the catch: Not everyone who manipulates is a good tactician. Yes, maybe he has great players in Quality, maybe he has players trained correctly, but that doesn't mean that the season is over for you.

    Also, even those who manipulated, maybe didn’t do it, because I didn’t do it and somehow this season, despite the fact that I have active managers in different competitions, I got some easy teams, where they fought harder than the active ones. The draw system is not perfect and we all know this, but we must not rush and blame manager X or Y or Z for manipulation. As a friend says: Tanking is much worse than manipulation, so better get manipulators.
    Fairness was thrown out the window from the day the first game was invented and the "hack" was created immediately.

    I want to emphasize that this game is not an easy one, where you think you deserve more just because you are active every day. It means much more and this can only be achieved through learning.
    Do you want to have players who can perform ? Then start learning how to train them using the correct drills for each position.
    Do you want to score goals ? Then start learning how to position them on the field and how to use the mentality.
    Do you want to beat your opponent ? Then start to read your opponent.
    And I can go on and make a huge list, but in the end it's up to you whether you want to be a good manager or just a casual one.

    HeavensAAA is a good example if you look at his image in his signature. Oh, yes, he manipulates, easy to get .. Yes easy, but very very hard and you know why ? Because being consistent requires more than being good at this game: a show-hand of skills 99% and luck 1%.

    I learned a lot from my first post and that was to look more at the little details that make the difference.
    You can blame the game as much as you want, but in the end the troll's results are not real. It was you who lost a match against AI or the opposing active manager was better than you in that match.

    My advice is: Learn from defeats, not from winnings !
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