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At the MOMENT of my engaging in the tour, the tour WAS active. So that means the results of my engaging should be considered as active, whatever happens After.
What’s mean “too late” in a tour that has its ongoing and ending time and the challengers can engage in the tour ONLY when it is ONGOING. When it the tour ends, no one can engage, because only in this cas “it is too late”. I engaged when the tour was active and ongoing. Basic logic - how can I win, play if it is too late
As I wrote you on the FB post, you played with fire and you've got burned. It's ultimately your fault that you decided to wait until the very end to play. The event was active when you clicked to play, but when you went to claim the reward, it was over. So sorry for that, and I wish you best of luck in your upcoming matches.

Next time do yourself a favor and don't play it at the last minute.