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Thread: Stadium Capacity (Help for Newbies)

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    Stadium Capacity (Help for Newbies)

    As many Managers, we do not understand why we have build stadiums with 21,000 seats (for example me at my level 2) and there are only 2,500 spectators at each games. It's just limited to the league level...

    What is the capacity of the stadium at the different levels?
    There is a specific rule on the maximum amount of supporters a Manager can have in a home game. This quantity is limited by the Manager's level and cannot be exceeded, regardless of the stadium's capacity.

    Here are the maximum capacities of a stadium according to the level of Manager:

    Lvl. 1 - 800
    Lvl. 2 - 2,500
    Lvl. 3 - 6,000
    Lvl. 4 - 11,500
    Lvl. 5 - 19,000
    Lvl. 6 - 28,000
    Lvl. 7 - 40,000
    Lvl. 8 - 53,500
    Lvl. 9 - 69,000
    Lvl. 10 - 86,500
    Lvl. 11 - 106,000
    Lvl. 12 - 127,500
    Lvl. 13 - 151,000
    Lvl. 14 - 176,500
    Lvl. 15 - 204,000
    Lvl. 16 - 260,000

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    Thanks for sharing, I'm sure this will help many people!
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    And what would be the intension to do this?
    Is it to prevent lower level players from earning money, force them to spend (buy) tokens and go up in levels?

    There also seems to be no way to sell players for any reasonable price before lvl 4, right?
    Sell Now gives from 30 to 60% depending on the age, as it seems.
    "Auction" is also a fiction with no real bidders and I was able to sell only one player for (minimum + 2 steps).

    Bought two 18 y.o. GKs to test them for fast trainers. Trying to get rid of them now...
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    Spending your money wisely helps a lot. I never tried finding a fast trainer, I just made use of it when I happened to get one. Before buying a player, know what you want and know what you are willing to sacrifice for a more affordable price. Instead of buying 2 goal keepers and training them like crazy, you probably would be better off buying one goal keeper of better quality and allow him to grow through consistent training. Speaking from experience, players can be fast trainers and still look like a clueless sack of potatoes on the field. Never buy on impulse or on "special offers" since you will then be guaranteed to overpay for mediocre at best. Although I also did quite well before then, level 6 was the first season with the squad I really wanted and consequently the trophies I wanted too, it doesn't happen over night. Patience, work with what you have, know what you need, consistent training, and knowing why you lost are the keys that worked best for me.

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    Yes, I know all that.
    The first was just an unlucky purchase before I even knew about FT thing. Bought the 18 y.o. thinking he will train well, but he didn't. Then I was experimenting and bought the second one to compare. Both were like 1 token + minimum price, so not a huge loss, but inability to sell them freely (without tokens, but at least for a market price of in-game money) is disappointing.