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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperDunk View Post
    You honestly forget how much time you have to spend every season on the market to find fast trainers or even 3* 18y players, train their white skills as efficient as possible beside what you already mentioned above.
    Hahaha! You are right there. The way to build a competitive squad for a good record definitely takes more than an hour per day. What I mean is managers could spend a lot less time to aim at winning 70%+ of matches vs a lot more time and effort to win 80%+, or even 90%+, of matches. That difference takes a lot more in huge effort in building and maintaining a winning squad. For managers who want to spend less time, 30 mins per day can do already; for managers who want to win everything available, then even 3-4 hours could not be enough when running more than 1 account.

    My main level-7 account has 9 core players, and they were all trained from 18yo 90%+ FT with initial 250-280 greens each at most (because of limited greens as low level). 4 of 9 were bought in season 1 and 2 (only limited managers have enough funds to bid more than 1-2 FTs per season) and the rest in seasons 3 & 4, so they do not cost too much time (when compared with the expected next generation of 18yo 40% to be bought in 3-4 seasons later). Matchdays 1-5 of new seasons would take some 8+ hours in seasons 3&4, and not much time is needed after the 5 FTs were bought and trained. Similar with 2nd level-4 account which already bought 9 core FT players as well, when both accounts simply do not have enough resources (greens, Ts & money) to fast-track to powertrain 40% FTs (so do not need to spend time onto searching for 40% FTs yet - if they do pop up during when looking for squad players and are also affordable then great; not even a concern when there is none either).

    With daily training on whites improvement, maybe I had made way, way too many mistakes in my previous AAA account, all the drill sequences with averages are all learnt so vividly that it becomes kind of automatic that I know what the next one should be. Typically cost 3-4 mins each time to drain the extras conditions with individual drills, and 2-3 times per day on top of tpb maintenance. When we understand our own style of play, hence the formation and build & combination of players needed, then the drill sequence will also sorted by itself too.
    Winning is a form of art. Consistently winning is a show-hand of skills and luck.

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    Thank you everyone for keeping this thread going and sharing your thoughts and suggestions on the new FAs!

    New season has kicked off and new FA tournaments will be played not before long!

    Important update: We heard your feedback - this season Managers that didn’t promote in the League in the previous two seasons will still be able to participate in FA Tournaments with the x1 FA multiplier. The disqualification rule will start applying with the following campaign.

    Remember to fight your way up for the next season! Good luck!
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