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Thread: The Unite Cup event is being forced upon us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by altiplano View Post
    doctor told me today that i would die if i didn't oxygenate my blood!

    ****er is forcing me to breathe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by minamino View Post
    The Unite Cup event is being forced on us. If associations don't participate they are left for dead in the division and very likely they'll face relegation.
    It is wrong that the event awards points. Last season we participated because we had to despite how crap the prizes were. No choice ! And at the end of the event the entire TOP 30 had all achieved the maximum 405 points and i thought "hmm what a waste of time, nobody gained any advantage at all as they'd all achieved the 405pts available. You are simply FORCED to participate by nordeus or else you risk getting relegated.
    It is wrong awarding points. Not everybody can play a 6 day event (every 4 hours). Associations are a weekend game and alot of people joined assos for that one and only reason.


    Create an event by all means where people are under no pressure to join. Not a 6 day event that leaves those (who can't play) FOR DEAD !
    It sounds like the Prisoners' dilemma. The best for us is noone plays this kind of event.

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