Today we played the 4th game between France and Nigeria in the NC and France earned the 4th win, meaning this that they won the title in this edition.
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Nations Cup IIIrd Edition 3vs3 winner and Xmas World Cup planning-french-nl3.jpg

Now we will have a bit of rest, but for the Season 152 we are planning again a 1vs1 tournament, using the Federations system, to bring again the fight for the special emblem, so we will have the fight for the 4th emblem that will be delivered to the champion.
We will use the system of Presidentialist Federations that the Official managers Associations have, and the target will be, to have 1 team from a different nation in the last 16 stage, and, have a proportion of 6-4-4-3 europe/asia/africa/america teams or a 7-4-3-3 eur/asia/afr/ame.

119,9% of quality with players from the starting 11 at 40% minium, and 5 subs will be allowed from 1% never exceeding the quality of the player they replace.
Double goals rule, for away goals toprevent a excess of 3rd games needed due ties, and no tankers allowed.
Emblem for the winner, and 70-50-30Tokens for the top 3 teams.

Nations Cup IIIrd Edition 3vs3 winner and Xmas World Cup planning-wc-ivth.jpg