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Thread: Should I just give up this season?

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    Should I just give up this season?

    Level 92 so plenty of experience. This year I have been placed in a league where I simply can not compete. Every other team is 125+ where I am 107. Lost all league games this year. At this level teams know what they are doing, so even trying different formation and styles brings nothing. Do I just accept a full season of defeats?

    The real issue is how it affects my association squad. I now become a x1 which is not good for them and nothing I can do to rectify
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    That's why league model should change. Because after a level when player wages equalizes, it becomes pain in the ass.
    And yes, asso changes with those stupid multipliers makes me sick because that model becomes unfair. Your asso progress is decided by not how good or bad your group or teams plays in this competition but how those teams participated in league. I dont know maybe some of you thinks that these changes made a game better and stopped something but in reality it made it unfair and just showed that changes should be done in another way.

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    I'D try the best i can with your squad and cut the squad of the lower rated players then save all greens untill next season.while adding at least 3 best available 18 -20 yrs players then use all greens saved to power train your new players

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    Milpol, help pass this across - Here is the most simplest solution to association problem: ALL RELEGATED CLUBS SHOULD LOSE 20%.

    It is very simple and straight forward. I don't know how the organizers complicated everything with multiplier.