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Thread: What is happening with the videos?

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    Mar 2022
    The video system is never making sense anymore

    I can only use the 2x training three times a day, If I do it four times, the next day it'll be greyed out

    I can only get 21 rests / morale / injury packs... anything over that number will grey out all of these the next day

    I cannot get those 21 with rests alone or it'll be grey the next day, it can be 20 greens plus one blue

    And it sometimes, at random, limits that to a lower number...

    People talk about 25 + 15 but I've never been able to get such a number. For me it's like 21 + 5, and anything over that puts me in the risk of not getting any ad the next day.

    The whole thing is a joke.
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    Videos ha, i get 2 videos for free everyday and that's it, and nordy says this isn't world wide, if all they want is more dosh, then they can go and whistle for it.

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    Mar 2021
    Game become worse, especially the ads, i had problem with 1 ads, and the funny thing about that is... the ads only showing THAT BUGGED ADS, again and again until reconnecting and again, never ending loop. really wasting my time.

    and everytime i complain, they treat me like 5yr old kid, like i im not trying to fix it and dont know how, i complain because i give up, from every game i play, only this game.
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    I’ve seen “The video failed to play. Please try again.” over 100 times in the past 3 days. Cheapass11 has become more and more a pathetic waste of time. And worthless cut-and-paste responses from impotent supportbots adds to the frustration (if they even respond before closing the “conversation”)

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    I really think they are sabotaging the free video system to get you to pull out your wallet

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    Aug 2021
    I agree. I only seem to get one or two at a time now.

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