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    Whit new 3D my players appears in wrong positions. My DL so often running as a AMC when I’ve the ball. And one of my two DMC the one on the right side so often come running in he position like he’s a AML.

    Before the ball hit the posts 3-5 times in every game and the defenders got the rebound 100%. Now the ball never hits the post. Instead the keeper or defenders block/save the ball 8-10 times in the game. And every time the defending team gets the rebound. Even if the ball goes straight to a player in the attacking team he just stands there doing nothing. Then a defender comes running and takes the ball. Ridiculous.

    Are they so incompetent so they don’t see these hängs and correct them?

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    There are many inconsistencies between the 2D & 3D versions. It is how the code has written but I guess will improve as time goes on and new features are added. For me the annoying thing in 3D is seeing your attacker standing still instead of going for a rebound. Much like seeing your attacker run straight to the GK in 2D.
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