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Thread: How does the new assoc points system work?

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    How does the new assoc points system work?

    The original system ( clearly has been changed. What's up with the new system? What's up with the purple stuff?

    Veteran manager just returning. Starting an asoc by the principles expressed in this thread (( Assoc tag is #7V6TDT.

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    The points system is stupid. It has nothing to do with how well you play but where you finish within your league.
    As as happened on many occasions with my association over the two legs we win more matches but lose out on points.

    Tell me any competition in any sport anywhere in the world where over winning more means you can still finish second
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    Robbrand just said excatly what i think about current association model. Your league results highly influences your standing in association.
    This was done to control tankers. But tanking is a problem itself and this is because of poor league system (because there is unlimited league levels and everytime you climb you loose -20%. There are no unlimited divisions in real football. Make league system as asso older model and tanking problem would be solved). I still dont understand why my league placement should influence my association points. That's painful decision.
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