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Thread: TopEleven Algorithm is a Joke

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    TopEleven Algorithm is a Joke

    Can you explain me how on earth my team is 117% against a team who does not have First Eleven lineup and the avg comes out as 95% (which is weird cause the highest player is 90%) and I struggle to win 3-0, which in my opinion, difference between teams, friends support and attendance, I should have win by 10-0 at least. Then my opponents in the league will beat the same team by 10, and on and on will lose the league by goal difference.
    Nordeus, fix your match games or you will lose lot of players, ffs.
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    Its the end of the world... people are compaining about not winning hard enought...
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    This is a computer game. If team A is 160 and team B 100. The match should not be close. The six star keeper should not stop 3 9 tp 10 star strikers like they are Buffon, but they do.
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