The story is, i already leading 1-0 on semifinal cup leg 2 (where i won 1-0 on first leg) until minute 44 when the match wont processing anymore, i waites until 10 minutes but the match is stil at 44 minutes so i close the game. When i restarted it and try to come back to the match it says that the game already ended but the score not yet appear, i restarted it 3 more time and the message still the same. So let it until two hours later when i open it again i lost the match 2-0 (wtf where's my goal, i already score 1-0 before the match freezing) so i lost on aggregate 2-1. It pained me cuz it was basically an easy match for me, i have overall advantage about 20% more than my opponent, i already complained but the only compensatioan i get is rest, morale and condition 10 each, it sad.