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Thread: I won a match but the other team advanced!!!

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    I won a match but the other team advanced!!!

    Hey you all I am getting injustice on my team playing champions league. I lost the first match 1-2 but I won the other one 2-0 so on aggregate 3-2 for me but they changed the result to 2-2 the second match with them having 0 shots at goal 🤦🏻 and I screenshoted everything, now it wont let me see the match details but it still says 2-2 and the other team is playing semifinals today. That’s unfair I wrote them 2 times they haven’t done anything. Is something like this happened to y’all?
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    I won a match but the other team advanced!!!

    Definitely a bug but unfortunately nothing that can be done now. Make sure you contact Support anyway as you should be entitled to some compensation.
    The Devs are aware of this issue as it has affected others as well.
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    Its really shamefull this type of bug spetially because its not the first time it happens, worse yet is Nordeus atitude as if nothing serious has happen... this is the worse type of bug having a game simulation and giving out a random result, but whats the meaning of a few unsatisfied users... shame on you Nordeus!
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    Not surprised at all by this garbage, this game is a joke, the worse thing is the compensation they give is laughable, a few resources and 0 tokens, not to mention the damage this bug does to a player's season. Nordeus is trash

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    Somehow not many players got affected and they found a way to distract us with other issues. This is bad. Hope they compensate you fairly. A result like this can ruin an entire season. A month wasted.