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Thread: I remember when...

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    I remember when...

    This forum was very popular, can a link be put on the community forum on the game to attract more people. I also remember when transfers went on for hours and games were scheduled 15 minutes apart. The good old days eh. Plenty more to try and remember. Any other things you can remember from the old days?

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    Well there is nothing to see in the forum anymore if you are old player.
    They destroyed the game.
    In transfers there are some thousands who are bidding for the same players. Those Indonesians are bidding everything for anyone.
    Training is the same boring thing. They just trying to fix the white skills high.
    Associations destroyed the game.
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    I think you are absolutely correct I do not know where they get their tokens to buy all this they must spend a lot of money on this game and they DO NOT KNOW WHO TO AUCTION PROPERLY that's for sure, it's insane when you click on a player and it's been only a few seconds after the time turn and there are bids for 10 plus tokens on a player that quite frankly should not start that high this ruins it for everyone. In addition, I believe that there should be limits on how high one can get the team in any particualr level. Every level should have a % and star cap.