[Official] Proving Grounds: Season of Champions - LIVE NOW!-img_1805-3-.jpg

Hey Managers,
It’s time for hard training and focus, because Proving Grounds is back!

This is the Season of Champions, so grab the chance to go back in time and recreate matches inspired by some of the most iconic club finals to date. Complete Objectives and earn rare rewards that can boost your squad’s performance - Limited Training Drills, Role and Playstyle boosts are waiting on you along the reward track. Recreate the whole match, complete all Objectives in one try and grab the amazing Master reward. The remaining chapters will unlock throughout the season, so keep an eye on the event.

The event lasts till the end of the season, 17th June.

Show your managerial skills and win against world-renowned opponents, because champions are remembered forever!

Good luck in the season 171, Managers!