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    visual improvements not folowed by real game improvement are just empty shell, refferre visual, ok, throw from side, fine, but still player look on ball after corners while defender run from 10 m distance to pick it, still pk spec goalie get 20 of 20 goals from players without pk skill, szill 60% defender lock 125% attacker so he cant get past to him, still fk specialist easily score from 35m but cant from 18m, still we have right left free kick instead short long, still not giving back free kicks that lounching ball for aerial shot instead direct shoot, still that, still than, still, stilll, still....
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    Anyone had a game when you kick off in one direction and after two minutes you are attacking in the other direction.

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    This game is getting worse every day I play it, it. It's all a game of averages on the computer side. The game is beginning to get so predictable not only I can guess 98% of the outcomes but now I can predict 98 % of the outcomes of every action on the pitch. It's getting boring really.
    Players who instead of defending turn their backs on the man with the ball? Really? How about the usual foul up the middle from your DMC with a yellow in the first opponent action with a free kick that often ends up in a score? Every game it seems that you have a repeat of the previous one. 98% of counter-attacks thwarted, players. I have a team that has players with a very high creativity % and I see nothing ever of very creative. Attackers that just shoot in the arms of the goalkeeper instead of going around the GK, instead of lobbing the ball or tapping in they just shoot in the arms? Come on? How about the famous goal in the final three minutes that almost always is against never in favor? They are taking us all for a ride. This game is becoming ridiculous. It's a farce!

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