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Thread: Transfers

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomu741 View Post
    Yes, league system with levels are very outdated and makes a lot of problems. It should be upgraded to something like association model. However, i see no fresh winds that it would be updated, simply because it nordeus.
    Talking about negotiations well it's a bit dumb that most of the price goes to the system and manager who sell it only get tears. And that you can buy players only on the last week is a victim of that outdated level system because they drop rating next week.
    But it same problems in the market - you sell a player and it instantly disappears, now market is full of randomly generated players whose ratings are same randomly generated. On the old market, when you sold a player, he was in that list and you can bought let's say nicely trained old players from the managers or the those tricky fast trained nordgens. There actually were real players from the managers...
    unfortunately, the game runs us not us the team, it's a smoke screen to think we have much control, we have virtually none and their limitations are incredibly unfair to us I agree with you 100% but there will be no changes of the sort because they are like the government with the people. We vote for them, then when we complain for them to do our bidding they betray us and just ignore us until it's election time again they come and promise us change then we elect them and they do the same
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    There are definately some issues in the game that needs to be looked into

    Everyone PLEASE VOTE

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