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Thread: Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024

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    Post Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024

    Join the Facebook Group to support, discuss and share your feedback.

    We open the voting thread for the communities that signed the manifest and the rest of them as well for the Top Eleven managers.

    Please read the first page to know whats about, as we vote for basically 2 main demands, and feel free to share your feedback as individual manager, as community administrator so to provide a more extensive feedback with comments from your managers and a own feedback as administrator, and too if you are a content creator you can of course bring your viewpoint so to share your thoughts.

    The document may be edited in order to fix different parts of the text and extend the feedback, too to add more group signatures pending to confirm.

    Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024-m11.png

    Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024-m2.png

    Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024-m3.png

    Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024-m4.png

    Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024-m5.png

    Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024-m6.png

    Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024-i-want-you-votingoma-copia.jpg




    This is a declaration agreed between the Administrators of different Top Eleven Communities and signed by them.

    After seeing that in the different communities that we manage, there is a general perception regarding the deterioration of the gameplay in Top Eleven,which is shared widely by the different community administrations and the own players we represent, we have decided to call the community to support by voting, a manifesto in favor of a substantial improvement of the game in different aspects and areas that affect the playability/gameplay, calibration of quality margins, pairings in the different competitions and a etc.

    So we VOTE to ask for a change in the development map route to lay aside the visual improvements and those that bring more P2W options to have a game more in line with what the managers are asking for.

    .Basically by voting in favour of this manifest, you are expressing that you would like to see a developement focussed on fixing the existing issues that affect on pairings, the disparity between Pay to Win options implemented during the last year and Free to Play options, and a developement to improve the tactical aspects that affect the live animations when we mnage a match.
    .You are expressing that you would like to see an improvement in the way Top Eleven communities are represented and integrated into the game.

    IF you are a Top Eleven Manager, we ask for your vote.

    The intention of this poll too, is to measure the power of convocation of the active community with the aim of providing a generalized feedback, from a single channel, so thats why every community attached to this manifest will call its managers to vote.

    If, we decided to do the following step, its because we really believe that a company like Nordeus has the capaciy, not only to correct/fix properly old errors, but also to develop a game more in the line with what many managers and a large part of our community is asking for.

    We have seen a lot of frustration in the different communities and some actions like different kinds of boycott propositions have been recurring themes in different chats and groups, but thats not the way.
    Here we can be present, vote a basic manifest that have just few basic demands (still we developed it a bit more to flag the different issues that have been reported in the gorups, posible solutions etc) and you all can share a reply in the thread letting us know your own viewpoint.

    Please we ask you all to follow the courtesy rules as this is intended to be something constructive where to gather all feedback at once.

    By voting NO/NAI or basically against the manifest you declare that you are agree with the current game state and developing route map, but please don't vote in favour or against just because you are not agree with one of the points that will be mentioned below, as it just flags a issue mentioned by different administrations and it have different viewpoints and ways to be calibrated/resolved/fixed.


    We the Administrators and our communities, providing their feedback when sharing moments of play, share certain points of view that we agree on.

    . First of all we think that there is a imbalance in the game parameters, which affect the competitive experience, the own perception of the game and its fair play and kind of logic that always should prevail.

    -This imbalance many times exists because the different features and ways to prepare a team for each kind of game mode, interfering between them.
    We can comment here too -as its been reported lately - how some managers can prepare the team by using offers or features like Draw Frenzy from the very beginning of the season and others just from the 3rd season week.
    Thats a example of a gap.

    . The % in players has been highly increased in a short period of time, and by far out of the visual limits we have since the V.1 and that are set to 9 stars.

    Technically, the skills have a cap when these reach 340% but all of sudden Nordeus has launched offers that break the known limits, without any adaptation under the original skill limitations or parameters.
    It would have sense to allow us to spend more time building a team and spending more resources per player, but it would need something like each star to be considered as a 40% instead of a 20%,
    otherwise we have a bunch of teams that surpass the visual limitations and are simply stuck there, in a collapsed quality % for a long time that force others to do the same huge effort, or with the opponents in league just giving up many times at this point so they avoid competing because of this.

    Here we could mention the creation of white skills that eliminated the 50% ¿? of the attributes of some players when same time these affect the AvQ... so, the point is, by keeping the parameters, capping skills to 340... but eliminating the 50% of attributes... + adding a excessive amount of resources, this helped to create a situation where teams can be excessively simplified, because of the simulation process, so thats why some teams lead the FA Top with 1% Gks.

    Because these exploits just rig the scores when some players overcome certain distances of quality, instead of creating a close and controlled AvQ distance that makes all team players important, providing competed games.
    So thats the point, competed matches where we learn how to read a match scenario, with its weather conditionants, variations on players behaviour that we need to read, or, we have just a bunch of fixed scores/aka Win by Margin.
    Its a complex point but worth to mention because it has a easy way to be improved if you understand that this should be the target, read the scenario that the game poses to you, and resolve it. Thats what a manager do.

    -Competition pairings, need a update so to provide fair draws. We ask for a solution on that matter as it is a headache for many managers.

    We had a change on the pairing system recently, but, we can now realize that it is better a known pairing system, instead of a hidden one, so allowing managers to control a bit the pairings, to do not create the frustration created by the random pairings we had lately, but same time it needs to be proportional, so we suggest a comeback to a similar V.1 pairing style, where every 20%+ was meant +1 opponent level.
    This can be calibrated a bit more adding a 'success' factor, so a team winning a CL, would meet +1 level teams next season counting from the main AvQ. (so, a 80%-99% AvQ team, would meet the 100%-119% AvQ cut group) As this is a reachable distance.

    . The Pay to Win vs the Free to Play as a options to compete are so unbalanced.

    We can see a offers disparity between providers, some countries where by purchasing 20 euros in tokens allow managers to fill the accounts with 50.000Tokens so at certain point accounts are flooded of Tokens without any kind of sense.

    . Draw Frenzy is another kind of casino style feature that doesn't help to create a fair atmosphere in what should be a football simulation game in a more strict sense, so many of us expect a developement in the line that allow us to play with our friends as in the old times, in the same league/cup, in a competed tournament, in equal conditions or at least tactically understandable, and with a non consuming time game mode that affect all features across the game, as it was before.

    If you know that each Level win reduce the AvQ a 20% we can not pretend to allow the creation of 700% teams without knowing that these will be stuck for seasons in a oversized quality.

    . There is yet a lack of quality control in terms of competitiveness and fair play, since features interfere with each other, so we can see managers building teams specifically for Fas/FCs that spend dozens of Tokens, do Upselling by using Negotiations, or use multiple accounts to benefit a single one, and this has a impact in the main competitions. (Mentioned point, developed here)

    . The Top Servers and the old managers we have there, need a solution so to don't be stuck eternally.

    . Strategically the game turned so poor, and has no realism, because there is no real punishment when using certain moves to take profit by manipulating the Team Average Quality by using Negative % players.
    Here many of us request an action to tackle the % manipulation, so deactivating defence bonuses if a 1*-3* is used in a live match and retiring the player at the end of the season if, this has not a % of AvQ as minium requeriment.

    .All this, the use of Negative %, the permissiveness when a 200%+ player is created, in a game that basically its a simplistic code simulating attacking actions, has turned so crazy and imperceptible, and has twisted the beatability margin % -aka distance where we know that a win is practically ensured-, that should be intuitive, so eliminating the feeling of playing strategically realistic and competitive matches.

    The impact of negative %s and basically the impact on the AvQ margin can be tackled not only capping the upper quality, too it would be realistic if a 1% player has only 1 season contract somehow.
    This would prevent tactical simplifications in formations by using what is a current exploit (used by upsellers too), as we are experiencig now with all those managers using a 3-1-5-1 formation with 1% defense.

    .As administrators we have to say that the different Pay to Win features are affecting our tournaments, since some benefits are active absolutely in all competitions, and some managers can have a huge amount of On Fire players permanently, Mourinho support always active, or a fast developement on players so it may be hard to keep a competitive tournament with the disparity of active benefits that some teams can have.

    .We had a visual improvement regarding weather and night that we can't use in a customized way when we play friendlies, it can be awesome to select a night match, with specific weather when we play a friendly, and if the match conditionants can be neutral and, the Live Game can be accessible for the friends who stream the community tournaments on their channels, it would be a plus.

    .We have to say that it would be awesome to manage/administrate cups and different tournaments from the own app, so develope the friendlies system for a wide purpose, like administrate a quick cup to be played in the same day, would be cool for many of us and would help to unite the different groups of players and friends that are playing together.
    By making the game easygoning and accessible we all win.

    .We feel that many of the current features are developed too much in a Nordeus way, too that some game glitches that affect old features, aren't fixed after so many time, and the perception is that the game isn't fully polite -not only tactically, in terms of gameplay, here we can add the Forfeited 3-0 that still counting as draw in the history, the Goat Achievement and the achievememnts in general have a short life cycle... Retired Players at 36 that announce a contract extension to play with us with 37 years but they just leave... Myanmar Flag requested since 2015 when they had a community...- like these we can name different details that need to be more polite/fixed.

    .Has been mentioned too that would be welcome to update the game according to real life, so eliminating the away goal rule, and thinking that next season the Champions League format will change may be a must do.
    Too the Conferance League has been created so why not bring it in Top Eleven.

    .Servers could improve competitivity if we can have a screen showing the server stats -and server number please too-, so to know what teams have more league won, Cls and some records available would convert the experience in a target to beat these teams.

    .We need friends to be allowed to join our server accepting a gift when they create the account as it was before.

    .Streamability and live matches accessibility
    We have loads of managers that for so long tried to record matches and create interesting content, but the game turns it an imposible mission, because daily games are so limited, and its so hard to access a Friendly set by a friend... if you want to create content related to a football simulator and you want to manage a own friendly tournament, you need it to be accessible and fluid, so to set competitions in a easy way by using the app, and being allowed to join the affected/involved matches.
    This need a huge improvement if we want to have some content creators sharing Top Eleven content and this includes too a improvement in the rewarding system by using codes or special promos.
    The current content creators are excessively limited, not conted in the development map route to improve their experience, or just ignored fully.

    Here we enter to the second part of this manifest, -
    that affect directly the utility of the communities, that are basically spaces created by managers to learn, have fun, and basically compete together playing Top Eleven and it doesn't matter where they are from, we have players communities from practically all nations.

    Spaces, some of them that existed for almost 10 years, built with the personal time and knowledge of the original managers of this game, that should be recognized in game somehow.

    Since many years ago, different communities tried to apply so to be more visible and take a step as a community.

    Actually and during the last year, many spaces just become inactive and there has been a drop in activity in the groups, due to the development of the game itself, which complicates the gameplay, but also in those groups that run tournaments, due to the complication due to the disparity in quality in the participants and the difficulty of organizing tournaments with a single and fair criterion. We must also mention those managers who try to create content, organizing activities and promoting the game, but due to the technical difficulties of accessibility and lack of support it is difficult for them.

    We know that we have no Official items as before, so, here many groups are wondering, after many years trying to apply as Club Supporter, why we have no advances on that matter.
    Advances in a integration of the communities inside the game, so to create rivalries, and maybe time to time, represent our community in a event.
    So here some points to consider and suggestions gathered:

    .Monthly items, could be designed to have a meaning for us as managers, now they just look like the monthly new Zara's collection of summer, void of meaning and just to full fill our consumist instinct, so it would be cool if designers reach time to time a community and its administrators, to build a item.

    .Allow some group to give a special/rare item or reward when a manager win its tournament.
    Maybe we could even have tournaments between communities and I'm sure that administrators will be glad to help on this matter if Nordeus admins reach them.

    .Improve the sponsored competitions on groups (by using a reedem code system maybe¿? Has been mentioned for streamers too/content creators that invest time) and highlight these competitions in official sources, that would be welcome.
    A improvement in the sponsoring system to reward some group tournament winners time to time would help and compensate the effort that many managers put when they administrate activities.

    .Clubs Supporters could have the Shields available to compete on Fas. Thats a long time demand.
    We could even have a event with community shields replicas and special related items to purchase... instead of a 15th real Madrid emblem replica...

    .Ask for participation to translate official Forum guides, its a plus so to cover more languages in what should be the main source to consult any information regarding Top Eleven.
    The forum needs more attention, acivities and planning so I guess this point can be discussed in the upcoming weeks more accurately.

    But of course we need to connect spaces and have trustworthy known sources where to have official informations in different aspects, too to help community group admins to help managers to report any issue, or to know some Terms of Service rules that are frequently broken -sellers, VPN users, shared accounts etc-, improve the coontact with Video Providers (Tapjoy etc) to claim rewards and of course we need to promote the Courtesy Rules across the different groups.
    Exists the perception of a huge distance between the own game developers, and its player base, the community. This follows the -too much in a Nordeus way- point, since there aren't so many opportunities to join beta tests, to too highligh in the community in a visible way as a manager, to see a community demand that affects the gameplay fixed properly, or in-game when we play, creating something even more special so to make a Club success to be perceptible by all, so to feel the success instead of just the sensation that one more season has finished.

    In this aspect the closeness between Nordeus and the Communities and too the imagination to create activities developing the game to favour these aspects are the key.

    We believe that many issues can be fixed if Nordeus reach the old managers who played for so long the game and that are aware of the different glitches, exploits, ways in that managers develop teams by using posible tricks and we believe that some decisions can be taken after listening an even discuccing posible solutions.

    Many of us are willing to give a bit of our touch to make people feel special and real successful winners!

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    I also think it worth mentioning/adding that the 20% that gets taken away every season to promoting teams is an unfair practice that constrains us to either flounder/tank a team to rebuild it without spending an inordinate amount of money and as mentioned the unfairness of the token purchasing power puts many of us at a constant and unsolvable disadvantage. Therefore I suggest as part of the suggestions made to balance the game and make it closer to reality that only the first four teams get promoted to a higher level and the last four get relegated to the lower level and no team loses the 20%. The remaining teams stay at their current level. This change alone would not only make the game more realistic but it would cut down on the tanking and every level and league in time would level off in quality % that is closer to each team. There needs to be the creation of a top league level where teams reach it and are never promoted again but are only relegated ( Association style) it should be only in this top league teams should qualify for CL. As it is in reality. For example, Serie A teams in Italy only qualify for CL but not teams of Serie B. Only Serie B and under can promote and also relegate but once in A or Premier, etc. teams no longer promote. It is when one arrives in that league that they can build a more powerful team to remain in that top league. But as expressed in the manifesto, rightly so, it should be done at a pace a manager can afford to do and remain competitive in any given competition. Finally, rewards for winning games should be also translated in additional tokens and boosters as it happens in Associations. Oh and in any and every level limits of quality % should be limited not to surpass a certain threshold. For example a team cannot go beyond a 20% quality differential between tit and the weakest team. This gives all managers the opportunity to catch up in the % distance. Also worth mentioning if the game should reflect reality, the player market should be limited to periods at the beginning of the season and the middle of the season no longer all month long. Prices of items/players are also exaggeratingly too high. Just saying!
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    Community Manifesto - Top Eleven 2024-greekfed.jpg

    We can only hope the right people from the company read this and acknowledge that what the players want is also the best way for them to be successful gaming company

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    This is the big topic. It's like all in from years to years.
    However Top eleven 2024 showed us what are priorities... I thinking how much power still nordeus has when take two interactions acquired them? Are they became marionettes? Because after that game going downwards like a lighting only offering some puzzle mini games, mostly for pay visitors.
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    I'll edit it to make the text available to translate**

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomu741 View Post
    This is the big topic. It's like all in from years to years.
    However Top eleven 2024 showed us what are priorities... I thinking how much power still nordeus has when take two interactions acquired them? Are they became marionettes? Because after that game going downwards like a lighting only offering some puzzle mini games, mostly for pay visitors.
    The point now, is that we have the chance to express in a single thread what has been said in many spaces, so feel free to contribute with the feedback you consider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    The point now, is that we have the chance to express in a single thread what has been said in many spaces, so feel free to contribute with the feedback you consider.
    Agree with pretty much everything.
    I will say that the concept of the new Football Camp Fusion event is the best thing they've brought out in years.
    As a player who can't access vids or spend money this is the only way I can get half decent new players in except the Youth Academy.
    Obviously the new event is still stacked toward spending tokens to speed things up but the idea of players just putting time in and getting rewarded is something Nordeus should look at a bit more.
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    Yes they need to fix the %, but now, everything messed up, they throws everything they can, now they throwing merge game thing, which is good addition but its sad at the same time, inside the game full of RMT here and there, bugs , ads not appear for some people, slow ads, crashed, smh... its all because of their ignorance, dont blame zynga or take two. gta, rdr, etc franchise is part of take two, and its fine.
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    Great idea guys, let's hope they will listen

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    I support 👍
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