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Thread: team/player performance

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    team/player performance


    i spend a lot of time finding an answer to my question on this (and other) forum and couldnt find...

    im level 5 and until this season my team was doing pretty well (2 league titles + c. league title).
    at the end of last season and especially this season my team overall performance dropped dramatically, especially
    for my "home-grown" key - players which are still 3-5 stars and are fit to play at this level.
    Although i sold some and bought new talented players, the new arrivals fail to perform well or just unbalanced
    (for ex:6-8-5-7-4). I didn't change anything in particular regarding the teams game strategy and philosophy, i tried signing new contracts with my key players that perform poorly.. nothing helps.
    I used to beat teams that are almost 10 points better than mine and now i find myself ridiculously losing to much inferior teams.

    For those of you who experienced the same problem, what can be the causes for that?

    Thank you!

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    well the main cause for that is pure bad luck. of course some players perform worse than others that's why you take a risk every time you bring a new player to your team, they might just not be as good as they seem. it happened to me before, few seasons back that the team could just not perform. it even happened to me this season, my strikers score much less goals, I got kicked in the first stage of cup and in CL top 16 to a weaker team.

    my suggestion would be to try and make minor changes with the tactics, bench some players for some matches see if that helps.

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    Some players will have better performance after a few matches(6-7-7-7-8). But I have a few players that performed really well and suddenly they performed badly (9-7-7-6-5).I am confused because they have max bonus, top morale.

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    Firstly, you are up against more active managers (regardless of their team quality)

    Secondly, in some matches in which you fail to win, it is considered a random upset result. Popularly known as troll results.

    Thirdly, players have form and off-form cycle, so some mediocre players will have runs of 8-9 ratings and then runs of 5-6 ratings.

    Fourthly, bad luck because a group of players are going through the same low performing cycle.

    Just need to ride thru this and accept that you may not win the league, but a CL spot is a victory.

    I've won the league last season with a fantastic group of players but this year they are very very mediocre in the league and my star AML is not providing assists/creating chances as frequent as he did last season. But I'm still in CL spot for next season, so it's not a big loss to me.

    Quality of player has nothing to do with performance on the pitch btw.
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    also keep in mind in nordeus a good player only performs wel for 3 - 4 seasons more then 25 years old they hardly develop keeps you spending tokens on transfers . good business model from nordeus

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    Try buying NORDEUS generated players...
    Before buying players see their previous records...

    And the most important, team performance is just random but if you have the best team you will generally win the league...
    Nordeus purposely makes your team perform bad in order to suck money from you...

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    I experienced a similar thing a couple of seasons ago when I had a decent team, with the odd class player (scout level) but mostly 3-4* (even the odd 2*). We punched well above our weight, won the league easily and got to SF in both CL and cup. I then took all the cash I'd earned from the previous season and bought loads of young 5* the season after. Despite having such a stellar squad, in fact the best I'd ever had by star rating, we scraped into 4th place in the league, got to SF of CL but went out in 1st or 2nd round of the cup.

    Tougher competition does kick in the higher up you go, it's also that sometimes you do just sign some duds regardless of how many stars/SQs they have. It's just about getting the right blend and weeding out the players who aren't up to it. Sometimes they do come good though - the 5* MF I signed at the start if last season was absolutely shocking, 4/5/6 every game. I noticed he was scoring or getting assists but still getting crap ratings, so I kept playing him regardless of ratings and soon enough he turned into a beast, highest scoring MF and 7/8 every match.

    My advice is suss out who are your most reliable players and stick with them, regardless of star ratings. Give the rest a chance to improve (season at most) and if they don't get rid.