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Thread: 3 stars fast trainer

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    3 stars fast trainer

    How can I find 3* players with fast training ability?


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    Quote Originally Posted by pnr8555 View Post
    How can I find 3* players with fast training ability?
    On the transfer market obviously, they will need to be young have have the highest of market values.
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    in past 4 season, i bought 2 players who were 3* 18yo bcz they had SA, both are scouts now.. but needed around 120 greenpacks to push first one for example to scout but since then at age 18, he kept staying a scout by middle of each season from playing matches and training normally .. he most often get the MOM too .. his rating was better than my scout defender i bought in the same season .. but if u can't have the greenpacks, i would avoid it as it will take you longer than buying 4*
    you know he is good fast learner, by having highest price compared to same age player with same quality
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