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Thread: Facebook ID to transfer my game to another.

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    Question Facebook ID to transfer my game to another.


    On 13 May 2013 "Top Eleven" was a member of the game within facebook account, facebook account, but transportation was stopped for about 5 days. I'm constantly playing a game of Top Eleven, via cell phone for $ 20 Token bought maybe 10 times, as you can understand the game constantly müdavimlerindenim. As I said at the beginning, I could not reach my account oyunumada can not get on facebook for 5 days, Can you help in this regard. Is there any chance of my game to rotate old without Facebook account. I hope your answer is gratifying lose the game because I played this game I do not want to alienate it from happening. Thanks in advance and good work.

    Atakan MEDE

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    Uninstall and reinstall the game.