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Thread: Season 41

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnr8555 View Post
    passing=mixed, long passes, hard tackling, own half pressing, zonal marking, counter attack off...
    Thank you ...won the game with 3-0 ... No goals against in 6 matches ...

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    todays results:

    LG: FC Ghetto E.v(26.5) 1-2 CoolioFC
    CL: Luppopuppo FC(32.8) 1-4 CoolioFC

    two positive results today. expected victory in the league, although we left it late. didnt watch so cant comment on performance, but we got the win. did just observe a good win in the champions league. it means we are only behind on goal difference with the other game at 9. i will be attending. needing roma to win by 2 goals, or 5-2, 6-3, etc. 6th in the league with only 4 points seperating 7th from 3rd.
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    MATCHREPORT (DAY 13) - BALKAN BOYZ (Sz. 6 / Lvl6)

    LEAGUE: We played the 2nd today, the Lithuanian team "Ekranas FC" which we managed to beat with 2 - 1. "Ekranas FC", more know as for playing an "asymmetrical" formation took the lead in the 24th minute, but our mega-star, Miroslav Stevanović equalized 10 minutes later and Aleksandar Kolarov got us the winning goal in the 85th minute after assist from Edin Džeko. Ognjen Vranješ was declared as MoM (rate:8).

    The crucial win against "Ekranas FC" means that we hold on to the 1th place with 31 points after 11 rounds and with a record of 10W-1D-0L. "Ekranas FC" is 2nd with 26 points and "PUTOV" 3rd at 25points. We are playing the Malay team "Joker FC" tomorrow away. The Kick off is scheduled for 13:10CET.

    CL: We played one of the "better" teams in the group, the French "AC Milan" in the 6th and final round in group E and managed to collect a 4 - 0 win. Edin Džeko scored two goals while Luka Modrić and Hasan Salihamidžić scored a goal each. Hasan Salihamidžić was declared as MoM (rate:9).

    The win against "AC Milan" means that we end up as the groupwinners with 18 points and with a 6W-0D-0L record. We will face the Malay team "Serve FC" (Q44) in the final-eight. Our Italian friends "ZEO Team" will face the Spanish team "Al Hilal FC", while our countrymen from Bosnia "FC Kula" ended at the bottom of group G (reason: tanking the season/inactive).

    FRIENDLIES: We played a friendly game today as well. I took the liberty to test and addapt a couple of new formations and swap players around, just to see if the could play better or not in their given role. Also, some extra boosters are always welcome.

    TEAM TALK: Well, we are continuing to play pretty damn good, both offensivly and defensivly. The win against "Ekranas FC" in the league gave us a breather and we have a 4point advantage. The groupwin in CL means that we are CL groupwinners for the 5th time in a row.

    Miroslav Stevanović is doing great and will become one of our key-players. I'm also considering to learn Stevan Jovetic in a AMC role since my intention is to play Stevanović and Jovetić behind Džeko. I will probably adapt a AMC-AMC-ST formation for next season, with ML + MR at the flanks and with a 4-man defensive line (DL-DC-DC-DR). Lorik Cana will be put in a ML role instead of a MC role. This means that we will look after a yound MR for next season on the auctions and PT him to a 7*.

    INJURY LIST/SUSPENSION: Currently we have 1 player on the injury list: X.Shaqiri (3days). No suspensions to report.

    PT/ TRAINING SESSION: The PT session on Miroslav Stevanović goes as planned. He will be a 8* by tomorrow and officially presented together with the 7* ST, Vedad Ibišević.

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    Great work Ljepoje

    My today results.


    1/20 very succes score


    We made it

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    Newspaper back pages: Zenzizenzike and Silly run the show!

    League, round 11

    Perfect Tactics 11-0 Rhein FC

    Perfect Tactics: 61.2, 4-5-1v | Rhein FC: 43.0, 4-1-3W-1-1

    We ripped apart our opponents today, this being our biggest win of the season. Having put Zenzizenzike back on free kicks, he set up a few goals and bagged a handful himself. Silly was also outstanding. Following a counter attack, Nascimento knocked in the cross for an early lead. We were cruising and the goals were flying in, Silly heading in a cross from a free kick for 2-0 and then Shlimazl shot from long range for 3-0. Silly then made it 4-0 with a tap in from close range. It was 6-0 at half time, 2 goals from Zenzizenzike gave us a second half to savour and score more goals. Zenzizenzike completed his hat trick on 50 minutes, set up by Silly to give is a 7-0 lead. Then a long range Petersen strike made it 8-0 and Zenzizenzike got his 4th goal of the game, again it was Silly who provided the pass for the goal. There was still time for more goals, Van der Zande put the score into double figures and Pistov got a goal as a substitute, making it 11-0.

    Goals: Nascimento (9'), Silly (19', 31'), Shlimazl (25'), Zenzizenzike (40', 44', 50' HAT, 60'), Petersen (51'), Van der Zande (80'), Pistov (85')
    MOTM: Silly
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    Yeah, Kneipenkick survived the group of match engine bugs sh*t with 12 points as first thanks to a better goal difference.

    But I have to give todays opponent, Toan2, some cudos. He set the arrows at his system really weird. It seemed he motivates his central MCs with offensive arrows, but he shuts down the flanks with defensive arrows. That would explain why I had problems with 4-4-2 in the away leg. This time I kept him under control defensively with a DMC (starting formation 3W-1-4-2), but attacking over the flanks did not create class chances. I sensed in the second half, that he played offside trap, so I moved my AMC/ST Upton from ST to AMC and changed the passing to attack through center - then came the chances and sadly another injury of Upton, that is already the 3rd of a single player this season and tomorrow in the league we face scout buying Malika FC with her 7* stars Rodriguez and Schreuder. With only one non-injured striker left I have to use red packs again, bloody match engine.

    Troll F.C. could also grab some nice results. After strugglinh lately with 3 draws in the league Troll could grab a 3-1 away win at favorite and league leader Dynamo Moscow (writen in cyril letters). Troll stayed 3rd, but closed the gap to the top to only 2 points. In the CL group stage Troll could overturn two clubs with slightly better quality and topped its group with 13 points. In the cup Troll could grap yesterday at AS Monac (the player forgot an "o") a 1-1 draw, so there are hopes to reach the next round.
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    July Fourth 3-1 Kindlkipper SV

    July Fourth 118.5 3N-4-1-2 first 19 mins then 3N-3W-1-2 - Kindlkipper SV 109.5 3-5-2 inverted V

    This was the second of the dead rubbers in our group stage with us having the small matter of completing another 6-0-0 in the group stages, but it was difficult when Mensah's challenge earned him another red card having recently been dismissed in the 2-2 draw in the league yesterday, Kindlkipper took the lead when full back andre was forward and recieved the ball in advanced position and scored a spectacular goal, this ment Kindlkipper were in the driving seat to earn qualification since a 1-2 loss would be enough to take them through on goals scored, but a Miku corner crossed into the area found Ramirez who headed the equaliser just before HT. Kindlkipper lacked fire power and even playing against 10 men of July Fourth they could not find a way to get back infront, and July Fourth punished them on the counter with getting more corners and specialist Michu was on in the second half, Firstly he found Ramirez to header in for his unlikely brace and 4 minutes later another cross for Vestergaard to score to increase our lead to 3-1, Kindlkipper then needed a goal to qualify, the NGE paused on 84 minutes for sometime and thought about it and Adams and Ramirez cleared off any late Kindlkipper attacks and finish the Group as 6-0-0 winners.

    Goals: Andre (39) Ramirez (41,75) Vestergaard (79) MOTM: Ramirez
    S/O: Mensah (19)

    Team Talk: Another 6-0-0 group stage for July Fourth for the 12th time in their history, 6 in the last 7 seasons in the T-buying Power Training and 6 in the earlier days in the club when we played many inactives and rubbish teams in the earlier levels. The 3-1 loss for kindlkipper was a bit harsh on them because if they lost 2-1 they still would of qualified tonight which would of been quite bizarre but because of that it's GUMUSHACIKOYSPOR that qualify instead.

    Other Group Results: defending champions LIVERPOON are eliminated after they suprisingly drew 1-1 on their last group game. That's a shame because we would of liked to have played against them again. Our biggest threat comes from the Group E winners "vito6a" who have bought a number of scouts this season and have an average of 116.2 and they are a likely Semi-Final opponent should be both still be in the competition at that stage. Our last 16 opponent are likely to be SERDAR who are a 5* team unless the thai team wins their last group game by 3 clear goals and they are also a 5* team so no difference in quality between those 2 teams.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    Great work Ljepoje

    You got some pretty good results as well, just keep it up!
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    Just had my first walkover, opponent didnt have enough players.

    I'm a bit disappointed, no packs and I think I would have scored more than 3 goals. But it doesnt really matter
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    10 minutes before CL kickoff.

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