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Thread: Few things i don`t understand ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GabeTC View Post
    This game is getting very wierd - GK injured? ST that was last season Best Player in league with most passes and most goals scored can not shoot on target anymore. In Two games I had 11-2 and 12-2 shots on target - this is crazy.
    The match Engine has been updated and the game acts unreasonably bad. 2 goals scored in the same minute in the same minute I got a red card. few minutes later my opponent gets yellow cards and he scores in the same minute - is like I was shooting at my own goal free kick.
    These two scenarios are IMPOSSIBLE - I have played manager games since 1993, games like FIFA Manager, Football Manager, Premiere league and many other games for PC and other game consoles and I NEVER seen such scenarios.
    This game is becoming frustrating. it doesn't matter that I have Scout and 5* players and good tactic - the engine gives me a draw with a 3 star team where I had 75% possession and my opponent shot more shots on the goal and more on target than my best MVP attackers. That's impossible to have.
    You judge if this is right or normal.
    Top scorer last season can be the poor player this season , quality of opponents changes and the player was much better for last season , after all i had the same problem with 7* player last season and 6* this season and now he fails much more ... is normal !
    And about injury we all know that`s really mess up and becomes annoying...

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    none of it makes any sense at all. That's why I refuse to give money to these people, for a undeveloped game.

    I think the only thing that makes sense, your players don't develop fast enough because, by the time you get promoted, they are not good enough any more, they didn't develop fast enough. Not a problem with the game, its just a way for you to go out and "buy" more players with your tokens. Or if your crazy enough spend your tokens on skill points. Maybe they will "turn up the volume" a little bit and let players develop more. Or maybe they won't.

    This game has been fine tuned to maximise their profits. We can see that clearly by looking at the transfer system. 1 token per bid. Incredible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ro Edu View Post
    Who know the reason of difference of prices from :
    1 st (18 years old , 194 cm , 89 kg , right foot user , no sa , 1.5 m ) 35 quality !

    1 st (18 years old , 194 cm , 89 kg , right foot user , no sa , 3.6 m ) 35 quality !

    they have same attack ability (40,2) the first scores and assist much more often then the second even if i change the position where he plays , where is the point in this ??
    the second ended sold to other team ... i mean i better keep the cheap one because the other one is poor !
    The same problem i had with two amc : 1st amc 31 quality , lower in all stats vs a other amc 38 quality better in all stats and the lower is much cheaper and scores/assist much often then the other lol !

    Statistics from 2 amc`s : top quality (3-5-6-6-5) and never gets over 6 vs low quality (8-7-7-8-8) and very constant scorer !
    I noticed that at the same lvl, the expensive young players have a lower wage in comparison with a cheaper young player. I've got to this conclusion cause I was intrigued about this thing also and I observed and compare players in the last season. And as someone else said, it seemed to me also that the expansive ones develop faster (same position, same quality, same age), but i'm not 100% sure about this.
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    the players that develop the fastest seem to be the ones that have HIGH value, LOW salary, and rather low stats for their pricing (at least FOR ME, I dunno abt other people). their value will increase pretty fast aside, from training fast. If you think they can catch up fast enough, go ahead and get those if you intend to grow a team over seasons. if not, buy cheap, developed ones that have little growth then sell and buy other cheap developed ones to replace.

    to show example, comparing 2 strikers in my 1st season :

    I got Lok as a 19yr old, stats 17, value 1m.
    I got Riz as a 23yr old, stats 20, value 350k

    After 1 season.

    Lok 20yr old, stats 22, value 1.25m
    Riz 24yr old, stats 22, value 380k

    next season

    Lok 21, stats 25, value 1.4m
    Riz 25, stats 23, value 410k

    Lok salary was 2.1k, Riz was 7.3k. to renew contract, Lok wants 9k, Riz wants 18k.

    another example, with MCs :

    Season 1
    Cheung, 19yr old, stats 21, value 950k.
    Anang, 18yr old, stats 23, value 380k.

    I was like woo hoo, Anang feels like a bargain purchase...then I start training.

    stretching, cardio, practice match, intensity both normal.

    Cheung +26, +42, +63
    Anang +4, +9, +18

    OH ****.

    Season 2

    Cheung, 20yrs old, stats 25, value 1.55m
    Anang, 19yrs old, stats STILL 23, value 430k

    on hard intensity, Cheung has hit +109 once doing practice match, no kidding.

    Maybe just read this too :P

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