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Thread: Anyone have a Top Eleven Nemesis? Post here (No personal details please)

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    Anyone have a Top Eleven Nemesis? Post here (No personal details please)

    I haven't seen a thread like this on here, so i thought i'd make one.

    Anyone have a Top Eleven nemesis?

    ie. A team that has consistently appeared in your league, CL or cup that you've had difficulty against, or played each other multiple teams.

    you can share your experiences here.

    Out of respect, please don't post the managers real name, if it's linked to his/her Facebook, no naming and shaming

    Here's mine.

    Anyone have a Top Eleven Nemesis? Post here (No personal details please)-nemesis.jpg

    I came across Alex FC in Season 2, in my league.

    It was basically a two horse race, as our teams were the closest teams in terms of Q, mine being 5 higher than his.
    All the other teams were nearly half of our teams quality.

    He beat me in the first game we played 3-2, a shock result as far as i was concerned, due to me having a better team and formation, but thats Top Eleven for you

    We both dominated our league, me having a 150 GD, him having an 80+ GD, him being 2 points clear of me until the close of the season (He had a shock Draw against an inactive team) where i played him in the second leg, getting a convincing 3-0 win against him, meaning i won the league, 1 point clear.

    I have discovered he is in my league again this season, and since then he has completely revamped his squad, buying some excellent scouts and increasing his Q to roughly the same as mine, but player for player he has a far better selection of attacking players than me now.

    I am predicting another 2 team league, as the other teams are far weaker again.

    To make matters worse, he is in my CL, albeit being in a different group, but i am sure we will meet each other at a later stage.

    Quite nervous for season 3, as he has proved a rather difficult team to beat and i think the league will come down to Goal Difference.

    Anyway, that's mine, now its time to share yours! I'm curious to see others.
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    The guy who beat me in the Champions League final is in my League!! Revenge!!

    He finished 5th in his League last season so he wont be in the Champions League lol.

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    my wife
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    I had one girl 2 seasons ago... Let's say she was annoying.

    She always supported my opponents (which failed because I won 25/26 of my games).

    She finished 3rd I think lol

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    Mine is the injury bug.

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    I have some teams to mention that I came across during my time playing T11 that are rivals or could be considered as rivals.

    I consider my main rivals to be a team called Batigo United, who are scout team that beat us in the Champions League in L12 before of PT days, We finally meet again in the league after 6 seasons of playing so it should be a very interesting league season for us.

    There is LIVERPOON FT who beat us in the Champions League final last season, they are in the Champions League draw once again this season.

    Unbeatable FC in L13 League when I had power trained 6x 8* and 2x 9* managed to beat us at home 3-1 and drew 1-1 away.

    DFC Unill in L9, average quality team that kept getting lucky results against everyone in L9 and won the league by a country mile, the only time I never won a league. However I had not invested in my team that season (bought no players) but was still the strongest team in the league. I havent seen DFC Unill since L9 though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spornybol View Post
    my wife
    i`m sorry mis-read title T11 nemesis thankfully she don`t play but she is them UTD and i`m liverpool so at least i get to screw MAN UTD ONCE A YEAR
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    My nemesis is Pto Alcudia. I have played against him 13 times in all. Three CL finals (won 1 lost 2), and in the league for 5 of the last six seasons.

    My record against him is: Played 13, Won 3, Drawn 1, Lost 9. He's in my CL group for this season.
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    I have one guy that since the day he added me as a friend we are on the same league, i guess he regrets it because he didnt win any league title since then

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    It must be because I'm friends with one particular manager, but I have a couple of rivalry's going.

    FC Sergach

    First played against each other in the group stages of the CL in season 2, winning one each. Played each other in the final and took him apart 4-1. He then pulled a stealth friendly straight after, but hasn't done it since. We were in the same league in season's 3 and 4 as well. My record since the CL final has been a bit patchy, a bit of a bogey team for me.


    Seemed like a token buyer at first as they were a bit better than me and had a few players with SA's, but we seemed to have swapped roles, as I am now the stronger of the two via token farming. First played each other in the league in seasons 3 & 4 and our records are equal. Won 1, Draw 2, Lost 1.

    Malik Alis FC

    I'm pretty sure this is the same team, though the picture is now blank. First played them in the CL semi-final in season 2 and beat them in both legs. We were also in the same leagues in season 3 & 4 as well. My record is perfect against them, 6 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses.

    The League has been announced for season 7. Guess who I have?
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