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Thread: Copa Amistosa del Foro Inglés

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    Exclamation Copa Amistosa del Foro Inglés

    Echad un vistazo a la copa que preparamos;

    Reglas en Inglés: -luego traduzco xD-

    "To participate just add your Team Name and association Tag # where to be found. The winner will have 30T reward.

    For fair play and equality, and to have the less possible manipulation in the 1vs1's we will have Average Quality Caps, that will be;
    -Team AvQ. of 120%
    -Without a single 9* under the field.
    -Without a single player with less AvQ than a 4*.
    max. 3 subs of 120% allowing only 1 in 1st half after the 30 minute with exception of Injury cases, including 2,and 3 injuries before the minute 30'.

    1 club per Manager please."

    30 Tokens al ganador.
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