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Thread: Lots of possession but hard to win

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    maybe your squad all hate each other I know how that feels, I have some sucker stories myself.

    I have a few players that didn't fit no matter how I tried, and I sold them in the end. a default player in season 1 was a 19yr old, 950k value, defender with defensive wall skill. quality 17, great training speed. but his performance sucked all season so I sold him. he also had "glass legs" syndrome, getting 5 days injuries 3 times in 1 season.

    After selling him, I used the money to get 18yr old with better quality but no special skill. yep the same 18yr old that I broke the quartet tandem.

    a 2nd guy was a 20yr old quality 20 MC, he consistently pulled 4-5-6-4-5 even with 99% morale from boosters. it didn't matter who I put in the midfield with him, he never got anything higher than 6. I thought it was a bad streak but after 8 matches (because I had 2 injured midfielders), I gave up on him.

    I'd put it down to "sucker personality" lol. Sold him, and peeped at his stats from the new buyer, 6-6-5. yep, still sucks. don't think he'll ever *click* with anyone ever.

    I don't have an explanation for those little quirks myself, stuff just...happens, and I spot the patterns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Accyrover View Post
    The game engine balancing out the quality levels, 3-4-3 is not a bad formation against 4-4-2 unless you motivate your MR/ML.
    You could also try a more attacking mode with down arrows on you DC's and up arrows on the DR/DL& MR/ML with MR/ML would then act as AM players when you gain possession, the down arrows should stop your DC's wandering to far up field, leaving you exposed to counter attacks.

    If you have a AMC try 4-4-1-1, I realise you say you built a 4-4-2 side but you may have one hanging around.
    The major problem with generic formation like 4-4-2/4-3-3/4-5-1 Etc, in general they cancel each other out as the lines are flat, now would be a good time to start planning a more flexible (AM&DM players) squad for the next couple of seasons.
    What do you mean with "the game engine balancing out the quality levels"?
    Maybe 3-4-3 is a good formation against 4-4-2, but he played 82 minutes with a 3-4-2 due to injury.

    Meanwhile I tried 4-4-1-1, but it's even worse then. Now I'm searching for more flexible players so I can easily change my formation. In fact it's ideal to try somethings because I'm already sure of my first place thanks to a lot of 2-1 victories . Again something strange, I have the best defense but every single match I concede at least one goal. And I'm playing with 4 defenders. I see teams who play with 3 or 2 defenders and concede less goals.

    Either way thanks for the advice.

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