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Thread: Beginners guide

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    Beginners guide

    Hello All,
    This is my personal guide after 1.5 seasons over here and i believe i understand how the system works.
    I advise all to read it in case you are in your first or second season. (Next season will be my 3rd)
    Follow these steps to do well in your games.

    Let's start ...

    1. Formation- The key for your success.
    You need to find a formation that:
    • Win games for you.
    • Use your players to their best.

    How to do it? It may be tricky at start, you may win some games and think... "hey i got it" but then you loose some.
    So your job at first season is to find the best format for your team and players.
    I logged into the game in the middle of the season and as default i got a 4-4-2 format. While I won some I also lost some.
    I saw teams with no managers win over my managed team and i knew something is wrong with my team.
    After few modifications and some friendly games i found my format 4-1-3-2.

    So what is the secret?
    • At least 2 players on each side (DR,DMR,MR,AMR on the right and same on the left)
    • Goalkeeper must be great
    • At least one great striker.
    • At least one great central defender.
    • Subs to be almost as good as the first 11.

    2. Players- To make the format works.
    When you register to the game you get default players so at start you don't have much choice.
    Put them on the field the best you can and start follow their grades.
    Note- "the best you can" = Roles, abilities, age, grades, foot side etc...
    While doing so look for attractive players on the transfer market and buy them

    3. Transfer Market- The fun starts here.
    1. Try to buy players when everyone else are sleep (meaning night) so you will not have competition.
    2. Some players cost nothing (See the (F) next to their price)
    3. Make sure you have at least 2 players on each role- I have always 1 player playing in a role and one sub of the same just in case my player is injured or tired or no moral or what ever... this way i keep the same format always.

    4. Which players you need:
    • If you are looking for ST, you dont really care about his defense quality.
    • if you are looking for DC, you care about his defense.
    • MC will be great if he is super in passing.
    • Any special ability is blessed (Play-maker, Free kick, etc...)
    • Some (F) are really good although cost nothing. My Free-Agent Roman Graf which had the lowest quality on my team won top scorer of my 2nd league since he had huge grade on Attack.

    5. Tactics/Orders/Penalty/Free-Kick/Corner
    Although it sounds not that important, make sure to spend the time and understand what is the best for your team.
    I bought a player Milad Riberio since he had a great passing skills, on the first game he had a corner which led to goal. since then he is my corner kicker with 19 assists most of them from the corner.
    I also believe that the side defenders must run forward to score goals so i give them blue arrow (means they are playing one role forward as well.
    I never use the red arrow (means playing one role down as well) unless i am OK with the result.
    I dont use AML/C/R at all although any one in the forum says it is important. Instead I give blue arrows to my ML/MR, this way i have a strong center that can attack as well.

    6. Training- How to make your players better
    Players can injured when playing friendly or practice match, while stretching there is a low probability for that.
    So for the most of the time (with few exceptions) i play friendly with my subs and only stretch with my first team, this way entire players are in shape constantly.

    7. The Subs- are they important?
    In case your first players are injured
    In case you have few games in the same day and you need some rest for key players.
    Note- If you have only one game in a day, make sure to play friendly with the subs so they will be in shape and will not loose moral.

    8. Friendly match- With who?
    I found a guy that lost interest in the game, i played against his team a lot so my subs won and stayed happy.
    Try to find a friend like this as well.

    9. Money/Tokens/Moral/Conditions/Treatments- How to get them?
    Make lots of friends and start to send each other the above.
    Buy quality players to win games.
    When you win a game you win money/red/green/blue as well.

    10. Reality check- How do i know I am a good manager?
    On each game go to the statistics tab and see Possession stat.
    If you are more then your opponent- you are doing something good.
    Barca are holding the ball 70%-80% of the time- they are doing something good.

    Now i guess you ask "why do you think all the above is correct?"

    1st season- (I joined at the middle) I started as #10 and finished #6. I was not that good.
    But- I found my format.
    2nd season- (ending tomorrow) I finished 1st by far with no real competition.
    On Champions League i lost only in the final on penalties.
    Cup I lost on the first round but it was my first game and i was not ready, for next season that will not happen again.
    My possessions were always more then my opponent

    Even the above is fine i am running a second team of my son' iPhone.
    My son is 6 years old and have no idea he has a team.
    With his team I am running the same format 4-1-3-2 but the difference is that i only make sure the format is working (Players are in the correct format, change injured players, add green/blue, etc...), I dont train them, i dont play any friendly matches and dont ask for red/blue/green and almost do not watch his games. Basically i play light.
    Still my son is in good position to win his league (while lost in the cup final).

    Before the end ...
    Do not forget it is a computer game, not a real game with real players.
    But do not expect the game to act as computer- the fact that your team is better doesn't mean you will always win and never have injuries. accept any unexpected event and learn from it to be better next time.

    That's it.
    Again, it is my personal guide and i hope it will fit some of you.
    In case i had some English mistakes, i am sorry.
    I will answer any question, go ahead.
    Good luck all

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    Overall a good guide.
    Some points that I think can be a bit misleading
    1. Saying "At least 2 players on each side (DR,DMR,MR,AMR on the right and same on the left)" could lead ppl into using an illegal formation with 3 players on a side. Perhaps change it to "Use 1 or 2 players on each side".
    2.There is a mix up with the arrows. Red arrows send players a role forward and blue send them a role down. Not the other way around.
    3. The only gifts that you can send to/receive from friends are treatments, morale boosters, rest packs and skill points. The only in-game way to acquire tokens is via the TV rights.
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    Thanks Deghinsea.
    1. I meant to say 2 players at each side is better then 1 at each side.

    2. When you think about it blue should be forward while red should be down, that's the color standard all over. (I guess this is TOP11 design bug).

    3. Tokens can be acquire by TV rights and money loan. Correct.

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    I have some suggestions:
    1. Subs dont have to be as good as your starting 11 because if your sub is the same asyour starting11 that means your overall quality is higher and you will face stronger oppoments in cup, league and CL after you promoted. It also cost a lot of cash and tokens to buy good players.

    2.A striker's defence is also important because it includes heading, which is important when there is a corner, free kick or cross

    3.MC needs defence in order to get higher possession

    That's all. And the guide is really helpful to new users well done

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    And free players donesn't mean they are free to buy, u still have to pay a little bit

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    Nice guide bro!!! Appreciate the effort put in

    Should Kaka' have been selected for Brazil's WC squad?
    Tell us ur opinion-

    P.S.S The person in my avatar is NOT me! He is the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.

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    You said u finished yr 1st season at position 6th.
    How can u participate in CL, the nxt season???

    And... can any experienced manager tell me,
    Is the red/blue arrows work in opposite way (so called BUG)???

    Anyway, u learnt vry fast!!