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Thread: My formation vs his..

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    My formation vs his..

    My formation vs his..-his.jpg

    My formation vs his..-my.jpg

    Would it work out?

    And how would my formation work against 4-4-2 too.

    Team Mentality: Attacking
    Focus Passing: Through the middle
    Pressing Style: Whole pitch
    Tackling Style: Normal
    Passing Style: Short
    Marking Style: Zonal.
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    I wouldn't put blue arrows on the AMCs if you're attacking through the middle, on the wide mids or the DMC would be fine, but your next opponent seems more vulnerable down the flanks. He'll probably dominate possession as well.
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    you already lost at need mc to counter that his midfielder .try 4-5-1v.

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    You will lose possession and probably the game as well - change to a 3 -1-4-2 or 3-1-4-1-1 to counter his mids. It looks like he is about same quality team as you are so I would play Normal or Defensive with Counter attacks and mix passing. If you gain possession go to attack on min 60. If you're ahead in the match switch to normal again.
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    Even so you have less quality MCs to put in the team you'll be better. Keep your AM/ST guy in with red arrows and also keep the red arrows on the wings - rest you don't need arrows - See if you get too many shots on your goal than put blue arrow on your mid DC .

    You can always change tactic in mid-game if you think you have a chance to win. Replace the weak MC.s and switch to your present formation in mid-game
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