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Thread: Team selection limits

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    Team selection limits

    iv 2 matches today, 16mins apart, 1st is league, 2nd is CL final against a team quite a bit better than me. So was going to play a lesser team in match one to avoid injuries/fatigue etc then quickly change it for the final we the best team. First match takes about 5 mins to run so do I have adequate time to alter the team for final or will I have to put final team on in game 1 and run the risks?

    Previously I have tried to alter my team with maybe a few minutes to go to KO and get the message I cannot as game starting but cannot find anywhere what the limit to change team prior to KO?
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    change your schedule, i think that can make your team have a recovery

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    You have up until 3 minutes before kick off to change out your guys and orders etc.
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    in stadium banters would be nice right?
    i just mope and moan most of the time because i forget i didnt switch between my team

    there are a few cheeky rivals that set illegal formations, and they change back within 4 minutes. would be funny if they lagged and were still in an illegal formation
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    keep viewing ur schedule to prevent it