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Thread: The Unofficial Guide to Top Eleven 2014

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    Question The Unofficial Guide to Top Eleven 2014

    Since the original guide has been deleted for some reasons, I decided to make a new one. As the forum is currently missing a guide for a newbies. Hope you enjoy!

    Tokens are actually spent on this tutorial

    Screenshot of T11 Home screen

    As you launched the game in you'll see ingame tips, football facts or quotes from Mourinho as the game is loading. As the game finishes loading you'll see the home screen, displaying your details, your club's details, your kits and badge.


    The most important part of this game is to set the correct formation upright before the match to correctly counter your opponent. There are the player's list to make subsitutes and give orders, pitch view to drag players to other positions to switch your formations, and the little buttons in the right for you to drag your players for kick takers or changing team's playing style.

    While looking at your players' lineup, you can switch views for different details:

    General view Show your player's nationality
    Selection view The most useful view in this game, as you'll need to keep track of your player's fitness and morale before and during the match
    Stats Shows your player's stats in the past matches, you can use this to look at your player's forms, since the best player doesn't do his best performance all the time
    Defending skills/Attacking skills/Physical & mental Your player's skill details
    Contract details Shows his age, season remaining on the contract and his market value. This allows newcomers to quickly find the most valued player to sell, since selling their best valued players is very important for newcomers as only 1 fast trainers can't do much, as the money from them can build the best team, but this also have to do with tokens as well.
    Transfers Allows you to keep track of your players on the transfer market.

    The square buttons in the right are

    Tactics Switch your formations, arrows, etc.
    REMEMBER that your formations must have these or you'll get 20% possession. You can still win the match with that formation but not always.
    -A legitimate goalkeeper
    -At least 3 defenders on anywhere of the defensive line
    -At least 3 midfielders, one of them must be on DM* or M*
    -At least 1 player on each flank, but players on each flank can't go more than 2.
    -At least 1 striker

    Playing your players out of positions will affect your possession as well, as the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark comes up, this means your player is out of position.

    You can also set arrows on your players. Red arrows allows your player to go a bit more on attacking, while blue arrows add more defensive mentality to the player, but these will tire your players a bit more.

    Orders Set your team's mentality.

    Team mentality The more attacking you go, you gain a bit more possession and chances, but your defense will have lesser role in your match. However, "Hard defening" option is strongly not recommended, since this gather your defense up and you may suffered a big comeback. Someone in the forum managed to got a 5-4 defeat at home after being 4-0 up at half-time.
    Focus passing Try to find the hole of your opponent's formation. Like a formation with less players on flank and look a bit open, try to find their flanks, or a formation with a bit of hole in the middle, use "through the middle". But "Mixed" is the most recommended one.
    Pressing style A defensive marking for focusing tackles.
    Tackling style Hard tackling with low morale can result in the opponent's injury, while easy tackling can earn you more cards (Nord logic), so hard tackle is the best option.
    Passing style Short passing is more accurate, but can't get through the opponent's defense easily, while long passing can open up your attacking opportunity, but not always.
    Marking style How you try to close up on your opponent's player and making tackle or rob the ball away from them
    Counter-attack If you making an attack, someone defends it and the ball goes to the front, they clear it and you received the ball for a counter-attack. Forcing counterattack gives you more chance of these.
    Offside trap Trying to have your player going up front and tricking your opponent to pass to a player behind the last defender standing. This must have a right timing or they will go one-on-one with your keeper.

    Auto-subs While you offline during the match, when your player is injured the game will bring in a player automatically. To do this you can drag and drop your subsitutes on your preferred positions (colors).

    Penalty taker Set your order for your players to take penalty shootouts in the Champions League or Cup match, when the two-legged matches ended with an equal score and equal away goal, and no more goals scored in the extra time. The players on top will always take the normal penalty (foul in the box)

    Free-kick takers The players on top will always take free-kick at that position. As the top players is subsituted out, the second on the line will take the free-kick. A player with free-kick speciality will have better accuracy at free-kick taking, but Troll Mourinho (unexpected results) can always happen.

    Corner takers Corners is the most overpowered aspects during the match, as a corner kick is the most likely the way you score a goal. Having a good corner kick taker is very important. Similar to free-kick takers, a player with "Corner kick speciality" will have more accurracy at corner kick. Which means that there is no surprise when a defender with corner kick specialist won a top assist award, a player at my old team ever have it once

    Team captain Just for aesthetic purposes only.

    For more details on special abilities, please visit this thread:

    The Player

    A team can't play a match without a player! Pretty obvious...

    The Player is one of the most important characteristics in the game. A player can comes up with name, positions, special abilities, values, ratings and much more...

    Player names Player names are selected from the database for each country, which I think its looks like a notepad file with a set of names, and a set of surnames. There are lots of English names for English players, while not so many for Vietnameses (Your country should learn how to bid properly!!!). You can also rename him for 1 token. You can rename to anything you want, like the real-world legendary players, your favorite players, friends, etc. In this case, I'm a fan of Swedish house music producer Sebastian Ingrosso.

    Skills [number of skill points]
    This page allows you to assign skill points to your player. Skill points can be obtained from completing the matches, getting man of the match, gift from friends (skill points randomly assigned to a player) or power training (see Training section). You can click [+] to add skill point to that criteria.

    Health This allows you to manage your player's conditions, including injuries, morale and fitness. They can be fixed with health packs, which looks like a box with a white cross. Red packs used to speed up injury healings, blue packs are used to improve player's morale and green packs improve your player's fitness by 15% each.

    Red Pack Used to speed up player's recovery for injuries. You earn them for free if you finished a match that you watched and ended without you receiving a single booking, no matter what is the match outcome.
    1 day - 5 packs
    2 days - 9 packs
    3 days - 12 packs
    4 days - 14 packs
    5 days and longer - 15 packs

    Blue packs Used to improve player's morale condition. A blue pack used will improve player's morale by 1, if you used another pack it will put the morale condition on max. You gain a blue pack for winning a match, you lost one for losing a match, you can gain one extra for winning the match with the goal difference of 5 goals or more for you, you can also lose them if you lose with difference of 5 or over. You can also gain one extra if you attend the live match.

    Green packs Used to improve player's fitness by 15%, no matter what. You can gain them for free if you make at least one subsitution in any matches.

    Away teams in friendlies receives no packs from matches, no matter if you watch the match or not.

    Contracts On this page you can extend his contract, sell him or sack him by paying his price.

    Players will retire between 32-34 years old depending on his performance at your club.

    Years left/Renew The amount of years remaining on his contract. If he is retiring you can't renew his contract. The maximum years that you can renew his contract is 3 years. Once his contract ended, you'll have another 7 days to renew his contract, or he will left your team. A free retiring player of 2-3* quality will be given to you as a replacement.

    Market value/Sell Place him on the transfer market and make him available for auction. You can set starting price for selling player at maximum of 90% of his original market value.

    Season wage/Sack Sack your player to clear your way for a new and better player. You will need to pay his wage remaining on his contract. The sacked player will be available as a free agent on the level where he is seen as a 3* player. Sacking a free replacement players doesn't cost anything, but you still need to have positive budget.

    Stats Shows his season stats in each tournament, including career goals and appearances.

    Offers This allows you to view negotiation offers (level 4 or above) and keep track of your transfer market.


    Pretty obvious. This displays all the important news from your club, including match schedule, injuries, bookings, transfers, competitions, contracts, etc. You can't send messages to your friend at this moment, and there is no sign of this to be planned.


    In real life, talents doesn't prove success, it was the hard work and sweats you put in training. You always need to train hard if you want to win something...but not in T11...

    This page allows you to train your players for skill points, or doing it repeatedly to get a massive player rating, this method is called "power training". This cost a lot of tokens but it is still cheaper and more efficient than using personal trainer, where you have to spend more than 1000+ tokens to get a 9* player, and 24 tokens for improving him by 1 star. Several teams on the forums like July Fourth, Kirchroa FC and now-defunct Perfect Tactics all using this method.

    There are three types of training available in Top Eleven, stretching, cardio and practice match. They gain different amount of skill points and fatigue. See the image for the rate. You can do practice match once every 1 hour, cardio once every 20 minutes and stretching once every 10 minutes.

    There are three types of intensity, shown as green bars. With the three bars being "high" intensity, which you will gain double skill progress while double your fatigue and increase your chance of injuries too. On normal training you gain exactly what it shown above, and with "Rest" intensity, your skill progress bar faded out, so no progresses but they can't participate in any of your training you set.

    Injuries can occur in training, especially if you are on "high" intensity. Also due to Nordeus logicness, your player can still suffer injury on stretching too.

    For power training, you'll need a lot of tokens to buy green packs to keep training your player, and some red packs to fix your player's injuries too. Training doesn't affect your team's morale so the blue pack is not needed.


    Allows you to check your upcoming fixtures, check previous results and set friendlies aganist your friends. The most recent updates allows you to play friendly matches without having to annoy your opponent's team.

    You can also attend and power support in a live match of your friends in your server, your league, your Champions League and your Cup. If your friends are playing aganist teams from the other server, or playing aganist Mourinho FC, they won't appear on your fixtures list.


    This section allows you to keep track of your team in compeitions. There are three types of compeitions in Top Eleven:

    League The main and most important tournament in Top Eleven. 14 teams in that server will be drawn in a league, while your friends will usually be in your league as well. Top seven teams are promoted to the next level and top four teams will be entering the Champions League next season.

    Champions League Rewards for the top four teams from the league. All top four teams in all leagues of that servers are drawn into a 32-teams tournaments, with eight groups of four teams. Each team will play each other twice, so a total of 6 group stage matches. The top two teams will enter the knockout stage, with 2-legged home and away matches for each rounds with away goal rule applies. If the aggregate score is equal with goal differences are also equal, extra time and penalties will apply. This tournament is not available in Level 1.

    Cup The greatest and the hardest tournament on Top Eleven, with 128 teams joining in a full knockout tournament of two-legged rounds into the final. In the first level you'll usually facing bots, so that is usually a walk in the park for you.

    During the match

    As the match is going to start in 3 minutes, you may not assign skill points, health packs, modify lineups, formations, orders, kick takers, etc. and any auctions won during that time will be added to the club, but you will not able to play him.

    When the match started, you'll the blue button with the ball on it, and Squad and Training section will be locked during the match, if you're there when the match is about to start you'll be redirected to the home screen. Click on the ball to enter the match.

    Check out for your friends power supporting you:

    On the top you'll see pressure bar, showing your team's poscession and chances for attacking. You can also see commentaries as well. There are four buttons below the pressure bar, the "Statistics" button shows the game's stats, including ball poscessions, shots, fouls, bookings and percentages. "Highlights" shows the goals, bookings and subsitutions made in the match. "Comments" shows the past commentaries that popped up on the pressure bar, and "Supporters" shows the number of your friends power supporting you and your opponent.

    There are many different types of commentaries: kick-off, attack, counter attack, looking for a shot, taking a shot, corner kick, crosses, direct free-kicks, injuries, bookings, subsitutions, defended ball, ball spins off, ball goes behind for corner, defensive mistakes, clearing the ball, goal, goalkeeper missing the save, penalty saved, etc.

    You can click "Give orders" button to manage your team just like you're in "Squad" screen, but just minusing assigning skill points and health packs and managing contracts.

    At the end of the match you can see your team's details on cash incomes, win bonuses spent, health packs earned and skill points gained.


    You can't always live up with your current players forever! (unless you power training him or something like that) so you need to buy a new player to strengthen your team and fight your rival on your road to glory!

    Just to remind you that you still need a full bench for the match! Since if you have only 3 players on the bench and four of your players are suspended/injured, and if you don't heal your injured player you will suffer automatic 0-3 loss with no condition loss for your players.

    On this section, there are 3 types: Auctions, Negotiations and Scout. Remember that negotiations is not yet available on mobile devices yet.


    The most common types of transfers on Top Eleven. This type of transfers test you the strategy to overcome your rivals. You need to get your best skills to win the auction and take home the player for lowest amount of tokens possible.

    On the transfer market, there are four types of players:

    -Day One Fast Trainer - Found on day 1 of the season for 3-4 hours after server restart depending on your servers, they are all under "Youngsters" category, so they are 18-20 years old and have a superbly fast training speed. They comes from a team with a name that normal players won't name their teams (for example F.C. Red, Hungry FC, etc.) and their badge usually have a gold border.
    -Standard Nordeus Generated Players - Found around 2nd-4th hours after server restart, usually around 10:00-12:30 ICT or depending on your servers. They are also come from teams with names that people won't normally name them and also have a badge with golden border. They usually have the best forms and performances over human-owned players, and easier to buy for the servers with least amount of crazy bidding countries (see below)
    -Human-owned players - Can be found anytime of the day. They are owned by humans and usually got bids.
    -Free agents - They are always 3* players that are sacked from a club of any level with any stars of their point of view. Only 3* free agents are available on the transfer market. While bidding, you're not bidding for his market value, but you're bidding on his wage. Which means for those on level 3 or higher, buying high-valued free agents and immediately selling them will allows you to gain more money to buy better players for your team.

    How to bid

    Each bid cost 1 tokens and you can't get them back. Click on the player you want to bid, look for any bidders then click "Bid 1T". Once you bidded and you're leading your clock will turns green.

    If you got outbidded it will turns yellow. Don't bid back instantly since you will qualified if you bid at least once in a round. Or if you're leading to the next round, your clock will turns red, but the circle still remains green, which means that if no one is bidding you will win the player, so spending another tokens to prove this on last minute will help, but only if you are not the last bidder of the previous round. If the clock turns all-red, you must bid back at least once to get back into the auctions. If you don't bid before the current round ends while the clock is on full-red, you're out of the bidding war and you can't bid any longer.

    Be careful of bidders from the following countries:

    Vietnam, they will always take the p**s out of you and if you are fighting aganist them, you will probably lost 50+ tokens (you better buy scouts)
    Indonesia, not so aggresive like Vietnameses but you still need to be careful, since they are dominating the T11 world. You can still enter the war aganist them, but please stop bidding if it goes over Round 10-20.
    Thailand, my home country, not so aggresive but some players can still take the p**s out of you.
    Turkey, still aggresive but not so much as the ASEAN people
    Poland, some Polish may take the p**s out of you, watch out!

    Negotiations (unlocks at Level 4, not available on mobile devices)

    Tired of going through the market and overcoming those Vietnameses? You better spend those tokens lost there for negotiations!

    This negotiation list consists of players of any age, all 5* quality and 1 skill point away from reaching the next star. That means if your offer was accepted and you train him instantly for 1 skill point, he will instantly turn into a 6* player. However, most of the players here are from abandoned teams, so be sure to check out his level, and his squad. For example, if the team you're negotiating is three levels higher than you, minus 3 stars out of his team. Don't make an offer if he is a 2-3* team in his point of view, because you'll need to wait for 24 hours to get your tokens back. I recommend you to make an offer to your friend instead, but they must be in the same server as you and you can only negotiate 3, 4 and 5 stars players only.


    Scouts is where you find the best players available and ready for next level if you promoted. Scouts came up with random names, positions (usually a full squad), rating and market value. They always aged around 22-29 years old and have special ability. Each scout player you signed cost 50 tokens, so this is recommended for high token investors.


    Football teams can't go anywhere without a massive loads of money! Having your money up right is the best choice, as you can always use them to sign a new talent to your club!


    This page shows you the breakdown of your club's finances, income and expenses, also profit and losses of your club.


    Sponsorships will appear on your jersey for a duration of your sponsorship contract. These are brands/companies available in-game for sponsorship: Nordeus, Frontmen, ENV Energy, Speed Automobile, Topkers, Topofone, Top-Cola.

    Before you sign, you can refresh the game if you want to sign just with that company, and until your selected companies available on your contract price shown above.

    For those who is at least level 4-5 or higher, I recommend you to sign the "Weekly contract", since you get the best valued money while you don't have to renew their contracts over and over, but you'll miss 20% seaso bonus out of it.

    TV rights

    Make your team famous by appearing on the TV! TV rights are a way to earn tokens in-game. Around the early stages of Top Eleven, you earn 1 token per day. Now you got different options of token offers for you. The company offering you tokens remains the same forever.

    Here are the explanations of each offers:

    Nordeus - Stable income You get 1 token per day, no matter what happens as long as you're still in-game, for 10 days. You might use this offer if you were on tanking mode.
    Speed - Extra for Dedication (MOST RECOMMENDED) Very recommended for a very strongly active player, you get 1 token per day if you log in. If you log in to the game for 4 days in a row, on day 4 you'll receive 2 tokens, and this goes on. As the contract expires, if you re-signed the contract again immediately it will count towards as Day 3 and a day later you receive 2 tokens! There is a forum league that only allows you to use this offer to earn tokens and build a team from those tokens, but unfortunately this league is a closed entry and only comes from invitations at this stage.
    Topkers - Win Your Tokens This offers only available for you to sign on the first week of the season, unlocks at level 3 and remains for the whole season. You win 1 token for winning a league game, you also wins tokens if you qualified to the Champions League for next season and if you win a title as well. This is for a competitive teams, but this is the worse offer available in the game, as if you got a troll result in your match, you lost a token!
    Topofone - Quick Buck Unlocks at level 4 and locked at the first week of the season. This offer earns you 3 tokens for 4 days. Can be used if you're in hurry of tokens, but you should calm down. This offer is useless anyways since a massive bidding war can still took your 3 tokens away.

    You can use your tokens to cancel the TV rights offer at anytime.

    Tickets and Bonuses

    A very expensive ticket for a very small team can earn you no supporters! Manage your team's attendances by setting a ticket price. Having a good ticket prices, not too cheap or expensive, will usually fill your seats for a match! You obviously earn no ticket incomes for finals and away matches, cuz they are not in your home!

    Win bonuses can motivate your team, so you can shift up the win bonus for your players when you're facing a very strong team in compeititons. You can set win bonuses to 0 when you're facing an illegal formated team, but if you set you're more unlikely to get troll results.


    This is where your team is playing. Not just stadium, building other facilities around your ground will make your players and fans happier!

    You can't focus upgrading one thing alone, just like in real life, everything should grow altogether. So some facilities you might want to build will be blocked until other buildings have reached the level of its requirements, this also include stadium props, which are lights, pitch and scoreboard.

    If you don't want to upgrade your stadium forward for 16 days, you may alternatively build a temporary seating upgrade, which is partially upgrading your stadium capacity, but not the stadium itself. After you bought all seating upgrades, stadium upgrade will carry forward for the 3 days remaining. This doesn't reduce your spends or make your stadium upgrade faster, but you may build this if you want to upgrade other stuffs during the time you're upgrading your stadium.

    For the newbies, after you started the game if you have enough money, you should build medical facilities first, to earn red packs and reduce injuries, then training to gain green packs, then your parking lot and finally youth academy.


    Time to gear up your team!

    Club Shop provides you stuffs that will upgrade your look of your team. Playing with basic club badges and kits in a higher level was too lame to see for a very classy clubs. There are jerseys, emblems, health packs and bank loans (investments). You can also go to your club storage to check out your friend's gift or switch your team's identity!

    There are four types of emblems and jerseys available:

    Create your own Not so much patterns there, but you can change your colors and combine it to what you want!
    Normal pre-made emblems/jerseys Still a bit basic pattern, but still looks pretty nice. Some of them are based on real world clubs' pattern, especially at the start of the season.
    Premium emblems/jerseys They usually come from a forum competition/contest called "Design Your Own Emblem/Jerseys" based on each editions, the past contests are Wildside and Medival edition, so you will have to design your own jersey of that theme. It is obviously a contest, you can use any patterns, even those that are not in-game, but please do not copy the other's ideas. They have a very expensive price but not a lot as official items.
    Official items Items that are licensed and it is a true copy from a real-world club. Currently there are 22 clubs licensed for use in-game, and the famous clubs from a major leagues that are already in game are FC Barcelona, Real Madrid (Liga BBVA), Arsenal, Liverpool (English Premier League), AC Milan, AS Roma (Serie A) and Benfica (Liga Portuguesa).

    Bank loans are a way to boost your team's finances quickly, but for those who are level 3 or higher, but not over Level 5, they will usually find free agent farming more useful (see Auctions section above)

    Health packs Use to instantly boost your player's conditions (see Health section above)


    Friends make your Top Eleven even better!

    You'll see the list of friends in the bar down at the bottom of the game screen. You can click at them to view their team's details, squads, stadium and their league standings. If your friend are in your league, or their player is on the transfer market, they will be labelled in blue.

    Thanks for reading this thread! Hope these will be useful for your T11 experience, enjoy the game! You guys are awesome!!!

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    Spend more T to speed up your construction!
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    Spend more T to speed up your construction!
    Lol...content will start filling this thread tomorrow morning ICT
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    Wow. You must of spent alot of time and effort doing this!
    Kudos to you!
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    very nice indeed.
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    Your tutorial is now on the list:
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    Today I will be taking a 1 day break from any updates. Tomorrow more still to come!



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    funny that, because the other day i was just at an auction that went to round 80 with a Turkish person. The player was a 74 quality 18 year old nordeus gen, the price went up to 470m (his original price was 47.4m)! i let the guy win, and he had to sell the player due to being -400 million bankrupt . and many times before i've had bidding wars against Vietnamese people, it always goes for longer rounds that usual. good thread though.

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    Let us know when you're done and we'll plug it on the TE Twitter
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDKII View Post
    Let us know when you're done and we'll plug it on the TE Twitter
    Will be done by the end of this week!



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