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    Post about Referrals

    hi , if somewone can help me ? ,i have 2 things to know how to do it : #1 I have 5 Referrals & they are me frends ,i can't see when they have a game , i whant to see ther games ,sow i can support them , i don't see any of ther programs like they don't exist to me, ani 1 can help me? &
    #2 I whant to know what tactic to use aganst thouse :
    1= 4d-4m-2s
    2= 5d 1DM 2M 2S
    3=4d 1dm 2rlm 1acm 2s
    4=4d 3m 3s
    5=4d 2m 2rlam 2s
    if any of u can give the best tactics against thouse 5positions
    TNX sorryy for me english , hope some of u understand it

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    are you sure they are your referrals? did they accept your invite instead of playing without one? are you logging in normally and not as anonymous?
    if the answers are yes then you may be put on different servers. this is why i said invites are near sure shot ways, one of my friends i invited was not on the same server/considered a referral

    ah formations, im pretty sure someone else will come along
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