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Thread: Red Triangle with exclamation point

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    Red Triangle with exclamation point

    What does the red triangle with an exclamation point mean when viewing the squad?

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    A red triangle with exclamation mark next to a player means the player is Out of Position (OOP) ie trying to play a role he's not suitable for and he will cause the team to incur a possession penalty. eg DC as ST.

    A yellow triangle means a player is in a position which he is not optimised for but could do a job with a slight penalty. eg MC as DMC.

    No triangle means ofc that he's in a role he's trained for.

    There's a thread about positions but, for example, a DC/DMC can play

    DC or DMC as God intended (apologies to non-believers, no offence);
    DR, DL or MC with slight (yellow) penalty; and
    anywhere else with heavy (red) penalty.

    Iirc 5 players (or is it 4) with 'red' and you'll have minimum possession (20%).

    EDIT PS. Not checked this stuff for a while so I have to assume it stil stands )

    Here's a list
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    Thank you, sir.
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    This was a update... the triangle...

    how many beautiful memories...

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