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Thread: Youth Academy question

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    Youth Academy question

    Does anyone have a table on the cost/time for each level of youth academy?

    I built my first one recently and I think it is at 26 more days until this batch is ready.
    Of course this is the last day of the season so they will be worthless to me for the most part at the end of next season as i probably wont use them and wont be able to sell them.

    So, I will most likely upgrade the facility and it would be nice to know how many days to produce for each upgrade. I recall seeing something about Lvl 10 taking 12 days but Im just about to upgrade from LVL 0 to junior pitch and will keep upgrading to the point where it is worth it.

    anyone have this info?


    Upon further investigation, please correct me where I am wrong:

    Target shot: 28 days
    Junior Pitch: 24 days
    Mini Camp: 20 days
    Football School: 16 days
    ??????????????: 12 days?

    and 12 days is the best from what I see.
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    Does anyone know on what numbers the skills of the u-21 players are based?

    Is it on the level of the U-21 development site or is it based on the level of the manager?
    Apart from taking fewer days I don't see much use in trying hard to upkeep your academy at lower levels. I'm level 4 but my academy is the Mini camp I guess, which lists as level 5 so will I be getting better youngsters or just the same as last time?