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Thread: Why no wiki?

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    Why no wiki?

    How come with all the tutorials (some overlapping) and all the discussions (some muddled, some repetitive) you guys have not put together a wiki of all the tribal knowledge?

    I checked out the official wiki, it's full of obvious info. Nothing that cannot be gleaned from the tutorial or the first few seasons.

    Is it just the technical side of setting up a free hosted wiki that's stopping people? Have there been any failed attempts to get one started?

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    The devs haven't been very helpful in terms of game information. Much of what we have learned has come from trial and error and player discussion. There are threads that cover specific topics quite indepth but not one index that covers everything. Use the search function. Plus, I don't want easy access to lesser-known information available to all as it will make games harder.
    Lots of newer players come on here asking questions about the game and looking for tips and formations and tactics instead of using their own football knowledge to develop a champion side. The resounding answer is that you can't copy other managers to the letter and expect the same success. Nor can you buy a treble winning side every season, well except for extreme cases.
    I appreciate your passion for your team and the game. I hope you take the time to continue searching and mining general discussion for information to help you win some trophies.
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    As the HoofDaddy said it must be so, I created a blog in order to gather all possible information of the game, with topics, downloads and the like, I'm working on it alone, and I'm from Brazil only speak in Portuguese, so I have difficulty to make it "famous" since most of the players who research this information do not speak Portuguese, if you want to help contact me. In my signature is a link to the blog. (I created it has 2 days.)
    My intention with the blog is to make posts in Portuguese and English ie the post that is ugly in English have to have a replica in Portuguese, I'm doing it using google translator, as I am talking to you now.
    I'm sorry for the English. (Laughs.)
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