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Thread: what to do if my formation is countered?

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    what to do if my formation is countered?

    so if my opponents counters my current formation what can i do except changing the formation?
    playing defensively?does it work?

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    Re-counter. lol

    Ive seen +/- 13 formation changes in a single match.. then we should understand that "counter" will depend always of the players from both teams + match scenario, so maybe theres a "counter" that don't make players perform well.

    So I will suggest you keep 1 formation, do just little changes as move 1-2 players to cover spaces and manage the match with the orders and sub's.

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    I would play my best and most reliable formation using my best player’s strengths and let the other team worry about ME.
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    The team you play against is countering what?

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    what to do if my formation is countered?

    Counter formations are bull**** lost with counter formation against weaker opponent, won with classic 4-4-2 formation that was countered and won by 5 goals.
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    First , the table of counter formation which is made by SOMEONE is not a holy book .
    It is old and not tested enough by other manager with adequate tools , factors, and orders ( players etc...) so don't follow it blindly but use it as reference.

    Second, the formation and counter formation depends on the PLAYERS .
    Don't expect to win if you have 3 donkeys and 2 chickens out of 11 players even if you play with the right formation / counter formation

    Three of course there are other small and hidden details that also play a factor in the game result other than C/Fs ...

    So yea if you're a smart manager with a decent team ( 90-110 %) you should set up a counter formation against stronger or equal power team ...
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