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Thread: Do you listen to your Assist. Manager?

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    Do you listen to your Assist. Manager?

    Many times, during the live matches, the Assistant Manager tells me to make changes in my team.
    Do you listen to his tips?!

    Asking you to try long pass:
    Do you listen to your Assist. Manager?-1.png

    Asking you to change mentality:
    Do you listen to your Assist. Manager?-2.png

    Asking you to try hard-attacking mentality:
    Do you listen to your Assist. Manager?-3.png

    The majority of the matches, I already make my "game plan". So sometimes I get in the match defensive + long pass + counter attacks and it keeps telling me to try short pass or to forget counter-attack, etc.

    What about you? Do you listen to your assistant manager?

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    sometimes, for orders like passing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean.Monico View Post

    What about you? Do you listen to your assistant manager?
    I only listen to enjoy his hilarious comments to provide some comedy during tense games.
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    Sometimes he says something useful. Like "don't use man-to-man, we don't have enough defenders" or "we should use high pressing".
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    meh, i don't listen to him, i know he actually want to telling me that there is something wrong in my tactic, but he telling me in different way.

    so i just figure out by myself what is wrong with it and sometimes i changed but not follow exactly what he says, and sometimes i just ignore.

    and then when the goal come, my assistant suddenly says differently. like, "short pass is great choice" but before the goal he was asking me for long pass

    what a flatter assistant
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    Not everything he said is wrong nor right. I just pick up a few patterns from him, like the counter attack or high press.

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    I only check the advice about if my tackle is too hard