Hi Guys, I played a quarter final CL match today where my opponent used 3N-2W-2N-1-2 and I lost 1-0. I used 4-1-2-1-2 ND and I lost 1-0 at home. I used Hard Defending, Middle, Short and Counter and Hard tackle, No Off, Low. He scored within the first 25 mins and I could not score all through the match. I changed from Hard Defending to Normal in the second half but nothing changed. and No counter. I used the condition and attacking bonus from time to time. I also had quality of 126 while he had 133.

What can I do to win the return leg. I had more possession(53-47). He had more shots on target (1-6).

Please do not hesitate to ask me more questions if you need more to give me an advice. Thank you