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Thread: Special Ability - Useless or useful?

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    Special Ability should be named Ability Booster.

    If your player free kick rate is 1 out of 10 without SA, doesnt mean that he will increase his conversion rate after SA is applied.

    Midfielders who are not good midfielders will be a card magnet if you assign the playmaking ability, but if they are actually good in scoring/assisting without SA then they will make wonderful playmakers who can take both FKs and CKs.

    SAs boost current skills. If he converts 70% of FKs without SA then with the FK ability he MIGHT have 80% conversion rate. So do not simply assign SAs to your Toms, Dicks or Harrys.

    Take your time to decide what SA you want to assign your player - gauge their performance while you collect 50 cones, then decide.

    One of my best SA player (Will Block) is a DMC/DC who has a playmaking ability, which I decided to put in when he provided assists from FKs, CKs and also scored from defensive positions as a DC.

    Another one is an MC who is a playmaker (Connor Taker) and NOT a card magnet, FKs, CKs and scoring from midfield is his forte.
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    thanks for your useful information

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    I enjoyed reading your article dv8r. Although I kinda feel like Kosovo many many times. I think the one on one stoppers and scorers have worked well for me in the past, but not enough that I seek them out. My major disagreement from personal experience, and I'm not suggesting I'm right or anything like that, is that corner specialists don't seem to have given me any advantage from experience. In the end I used to use wing backs almost exclusively and even my lowest level wing backs rack up huge assists totals from corners. Although not recently, and so I have started using wide midfield players with high crossing.

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