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Thread: Train the players

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    Train the players

    Hi, I want to know training for each position , to raise basic skills only

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    There is no way to specifically train certain skills. You get 3 training classes Attack, Defense, Condition and you can choose from that pool to focus your training on certain attributes. The attributes they raise is listed under each drill and the nature of the drill contributes to your team's bonus depending on how much you train and which types of drills you use.

    My advice- I daily have 3 to 4 training drills. 4 if my team loses inexcusably. 1 for attack, 1 for defense, 1 for condition and the 4th being in the area of what caused our poor result or effort. But it is your team you will find your own balance. Pro tip, the training sessions required before a game are just marking that you trained, not how hard you trained. If you have two quick fire games and you want to perserve condition in your lineup, do a "very easy" drill to knock out training requirement without destroying your team's condition. Hope this helped.