Well, we know that there are many factors affecting a farticular match Scenario. The game chose some conditionants to determine the winner.
Then each team have it's own players with "limited roles of contribution", so;

-a Key Player will appear almost always doing something and achieving ratings uaually from 9-10 and some 8,

-some players are neutral, an have less % of influence in the simulator, so, when the game chose the 5,6 or 7 players that will be shown in a particular simulation, these don't appear -in the written simulation we can see it perfectly, the visual one does a similar interpretation but is less perceptible-, and these "neutral" players, can have a positive, or a negative impact insidethe team.

-And then theres a level in the middle of the Key and Neutral Players, that are the "contributive" ones, these who, score or assist, or "contribute in something" time to time. Too can be a Negative contibution ex:- a aggressive player that usually commits fouls against us, someone that lose the ball constantly, a ST missind 51 times of 50. These tend too, have dynamic ratings like, 6-8-6-8-6

Still, even if a player achieves 7-7-7-7-7 we can have a perception and see if he is missing, or being part of the success.

So looking at these variables, Ive experimented with the "variability of the Ratings" and I "forced" the engine, to achieve a downgrade of Ratings before 2 important matches, the Super League and Super Cup Finale.

Basically in the match before the SL finale, I used the players that previously had a "good rating", like 8,9+ and I forced a loss.
And I've set as reserves those who already had the Rating decrease previously. Before the Super Cup Finale wasn't so easy as Ive won to achieve the 8th spot for promotion, so Ive played in the same way as before the Super League finale, setting the lower ratings (that I had, in the Super league finale, as the calendar was, SLleague Finale-League-SCup Finale) and, Both matches where fluid for me, and it's curious to analyze the ratings Increasing, of a player that for example, had 8-8-9-7 in the last 4 matches, because the simulator tends to, give a little bit of sense to the chosen players that are going to be "determinant players" in a particular match so, after these 4 ratings one can expect, a increase from the 7, so in this way one can have a hint about who can be needed for a particular match.

So this thread is created to cheer up people to try to experiment by themselves with this, thinking always that, isnt so simple as look just numbers, as you need to know very well what is capable to do, each one of your players, and to determine in what group are they -Key-Contributive-Neutral-.

Later I post some pics.