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Thread: How can I improve players fast?

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    How can I improve players fast?

    When I have players, especially young people who are not so much improved, it takes a long time for them to get better than regular training and then as a season passes their level is already down. In a situation like this, training over time is not as effective and players are slowly improving. If anyone has a way of improving the players faster and more effectively I would be happy for advice. Thanks.

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    Young must be 18 to 21.
    They must be expensive. Cheap young players are crap
    Follow this guide. They tell you how much a fast trainer must cost. More expensive, the faster he improves

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    EHD if you want to use them in your first team then you have to train them using rests (green packs) or buy a higher quality player. regular training won't be that much efficient in this regard.

    or you can waste couple of million tokens to upgrade them using personal trainer though I doubt if anybody has ever done so.

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