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Thread: Force counter attacks and play offside traps help

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    Force counter attacks and play offside traps help

    What are "force counter attacks" and "play offside traps" and how they effect my performance?

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    Force counter attacks when you're defending a lead. Works best with long ball.

    Only play offside with 3 defenders with better quality than the opponents strikers, never do this if they have an AMC.

    I never use offside.

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    Offside trap is a pile of trash and you should only use it if you want to concede. I've conceded more times with offside trap than I have without it, even with 3 defenders playing.

    As for force counter attack, it's exactly what it says. You force the opponent to attack and then you hit them on the counter. Best to use with defensive although I like to use it with attacking mentality, I tend to get better results this way.

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    Use offside trap if u mark man to man and close down all over the pitch. it's a very dicey ploy though so i tend to use it if i'm desperate for a goal going on an all-out attack. As for counters, i use it when i play away. That's just common sense really. Whether your general demeanour is attacking or defensive, you're always more likely to nick one on the counter away from home.

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    Is offside trap really work? do you have the pic to support it ?

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    I have both ticked , I use Hard attacking and I rarely change my formation I am always 1st or 2nd in my league and win 80-90% of my games.

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    What happens if you don't have force counters or offside ticked? is is a good or bad thing?
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    No not at all.
    Force counter attacks means that you must defend deep (eg defensive mentality, many blue arrwos, packed defense) and you must have a ST more lika a poacher to receive long balls and crosses. If you don't play like this (eg if you use ball possession game, short passes, many attacking players, etc) you should not seek for counter attacks.

    Offside trap requires very FAST defenders (great pace, acceleration & positioning--> maybe aggression as well I guess) and a few number of them. (great formations for offside trap tactics use 3 defenders or 4, with 2 red arrowed fullbacks). It also requires an attacking mindset and a kinda pressing style. You cant use offside trap with 5 heavy defenders and when your opponents has 1 ST and no AMs. It won't work.

    I personally sometimes use offside trap in my main formation (3-1-4-1-1) and it works just fine (especially in cases where opponent attacks with 6-7 players, eg 3-4-3, 4-3-3st, 4-2-3-1, etc). I can say it works ok. But, I have fast DCs. Offside trap means that your defending line is high enough. Therefore, there's always a risk.

    I use counterattack whenever I play defensively and I have less possession, combined with long balls and sometimes own half pressing style. (eg when I go 3-2DML/R-4-1). Good formations for counterattack have a strong ST as a target man/poacher and maybe a trequartista for support.
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