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Thread: The luck factor

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    The luck factor

    I just wonder and hope that one of the member involved in game match programming team would read my this thread.

    Beside team average Quality, the tactical formations, the manager in game instructions, players individual / team bonus and other related elements that influence the end match result.

    Would there be some percentage of LUCK that will make the different to the match result? If it exist ?
    How do one team own the advantage against its opponents and when thus it applied ? Playing home ground? Or it is just randomly applied to either one team.

    It would be nice if A manager could earn a lucky charm coin/pendant trough sponsors reward or something which would only last for a limited number of games.

    I am sure it will be another attractive item to the managers to owned. 🤭🤭🤭 which will gain revenue to the game.

    ANY one find this idea amusing? Some thing would make you curse when you lost a match over dying seconds goal. Just because the oppo has the lucky charm🤣🤣

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    The luck factor is always a part of competitions as in real world. Because, we can't control every details of nature. I'm claiming that Nordeus decided to adapt this fact into the game.

    I'm also claiming that the luckiness factor becomes a major determinant on the result of match, if two managers face each other under similar circumstances. I include individual/team bonuses, manager appearance in the game, extra possession bonuses, average quality of teams, key attribute quality comparisons of opponent players, morales, conditions, team instructions appropriate to tactics etc. in the cloud of 'circumstances'.

    Individually, as we maximize these circumstances, we increase the probability of our winning. The randomity can't cause a losing when we are apparently stronger than other team. Many managers complain the losing against weaker teams by chance. I was also complaining this issue, but whenever I lost a game against a weaker team and get deeper into statistics of game and reviewed my instructions, I found a significant instruction or tactics mistake by me. I think this also holds for any other manager in the game.

    Of course, we can lose a game by chance as in real world. If two facing managers have same circumstances, randomity rules the game unless managers intervene the game. We like to intervene the game, because we do not like uncertainty and face a surprise. We alter the instructions/tactics, substitute players and use different team bonuses to surpass the opponent at least in one circumstance. But we can easily lose a game by a bad intervene try to the game, then easily complain about the money ambition of Nordeus.

    Only trick is the 'awareness'. That's why, I do not surprise when I lost a match by a last minute goal. I look at the statistics, review my instruction notes and then try other variations when I will face a similar team. This should be key of the 'progression'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ποσιδονας View Post
    Luck follows the best teams because their talent makes the unexpected happen.