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Thread: My team can't win anymore

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    My team can't win anymore

    Hey guys and girls. First post here, although i play for several years this game. I am 50 lvl in a platinum association.
    First time in so many years that my team plays terribly. Pics below. Any tactics help given will be appreciated!

    My team can't win anymore-img_20201118_171146.jpg
    My team can't win anymore-img_20201118_171257.jpg
    My team can't win anymore-img_20201118_171328.jpg

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    Hi bo0kic,
    This game works with the internal programming of the players, the visual skills affect slightly.
    I would request you to share a capture of the team list page, where we can see the amount of goals, assists and motM achieved by all your squad.

    Then please, play a friendly, with your main 11, vs a 1% team, and then do the same with your subs.

    Very likely, you have to think that there are 2 main powers that the game assigns to the players internally, using contributive roles -this determine, the key player/s, contributive, aggressive etc- so, the 2 main powers are of Dominance and E$ffective Contribution.

    The more Dominant power, the more live animations will be assigned to a player, the more Contributive power = the more effective actions he'll perform.

    You probably are in a situation where maybe you have a dominant power player but with very low contribution. As probably the game already assigned the Roles, and maybe, a reserve have a key role assigned, you will have to do the tests I sugegsted, with friendlies vs 1% teams, to determine where are the Contributive Roles assigned, and you, in this situation will have to sell, subs and reserves that have high ratings + a main 11 player of the line you wanna rebuild, that have high ratings, high dominant power -many constant animations- but low contribution.
    Only performing this action you'll be able to go to the market for a new singning that will have assigned by the engine a Dominant power internally, and very likely too with the dominance he'll get the contributive power assigned if you get rid of subs-reserves with high ratings but low quality.

    Cheers and let us know